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Could the talented artists here make a demo

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Demo art, demo scene videos, how do you explain it? I'm not even sure what they are, but I love demos, and would love one from you guys. You are all brilliant. I don't care what you make it about, I'd prefer it be like most old school demos and left open for the beholder.

Here's a few examples .

Do not watch this first link if you are epileptic, or have seizures.

A modern demo

Haujjob, if I understand it right, these are demo makers. If so, they have been at a long time. But this is a recent demo

7th Reality, an old school demoing team, legends

But 4th dimension teaming up with other classic demo sceners is truly amazing

Live action demoing... Must see!

Honorable mentions 1-bit attack!


Historical demos


In the good old days it was all programmed, making it infinitely harder than it is today.

Any ways have a look at "demos"...

Binary love...

I guess now a days you could do most of this easily in flash. I'd like to see what you guys would come up with if not to be structured and just channel your creative brilliance. Just to make these sort of demos that have a meaning, message, yet don't. :p
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