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The Illuminati and The New World Order in Relation to Stanley Kubrick

posted by Davies on - last edited - Viewed by 610 users - The wikipedia entry on the illuminati for the uninitiated.

For those who have previously dismissed Kubrick's last ever film Eyes Wide Shut, I dare say that you've failed to understand the meaning of the piece. Kubrick was trying to let the world in on the goings on behind the curtain, the puppeteers who pull the strings and it could be argued that he paid the price with his life. - Eyes Wide Shut explained.

Whether or not you agree with the existence of the illuminati, if not then some form of higher power amongst mortals, then I personally consider you to be either naive, ignorant or both but then I'm sure you feel much the same about myself. However, there is no denying the intent of Kubrick with his final masterpiece.

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