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BTTF - right click to run not working

posted by hlshbrooke on - last edited - Viewed by 172 users
I bought all the BTTF episodes and I'm busy with the first one at the moment. The game tells me that I can right-click to run, but nothing happens when I do that. It's not a major bug, just an annoyance as walking around can be a bit slow and running would be much better. Anyone know why this isn't working or what alternate way of running there is?
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  • If you're using the mouse to move Marty around (in the click/drag fashion) then holding the right mouse button should make him run (or walk slightly faster in some situations). If however you are using the keyboard to move then you need to use the shift button (the right one I think, though either could work - not 100% sure on that) to run.
  • Cheers for the help. Either shift key seems to work for me.
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