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Which is better for telltale?

posted by jgbrunn on - last edited - Viewed by 245 users
If I purchase a game through their site or through steam? Or does it not matter? Want to do what ever helps them most.
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  • If you buy through their site, they get the most money. Whenever you buy through Steam, or any third-party distributor, the one selling the product takes a cut. You will never see someone at Telltale say buying from Steam is "bad", after all, they probably get quite a bit more money than they would have otherwise due to the exposure that the Steam platform supplies. All the same, yes, they get a larger cut when you buy direct from them.
  • Plus you, the consumer, get additional benefits from ordering through Telltale (like the free (not including postage) DVD that typically gets released at the end of each season) so it's a win win situation for all, buying through Telltale's store.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Also, the games are generally available a tad bit earlier directly from TTG... ;)
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