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The Harvest Moon thread

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Who else here is a fan of the harvest moon and rune factory series! I've played every harvest moon/rune facttory released to date, except for grand bizarre, animal parade and rune factory 3

My favorite HM so far would probibly be friends of mineral town, or harvest moon 64, I started playing through tree of tranquility, but I kind of got sidetracked by other games when I sent in my copy to be replaced (theres a rather infamous glitch in the original print of ToT), my least favorite is save the homeland, and I'm seriously psyched for "a tale of two towns"

I can't really judge my favorite rune factory yet because of the fact that I've only completed the original, I'm planning to really seriously play through RF2 and frontier in the upcoming months, after I finish the ratchet and clank future series I'm also kind of psyched for rune factory oceans, although I'm a little dissapointed with the fact that farming is going to be a very minor part of the game compared to the other games in the series...
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