Question from a Newbie

I've done a quick search (of this forum and Google) and couldn't find an answer so was wondering if someone would mind helping me.

I just bought the Back to the Future Game 5 game series from PSN in the UK. It downloaded Episodes 1-3 (though it did say TRIAL next to them?) and what looked like a patch that just said 5 Game Series.

I had to go on the PSN Store to get Episode 4 (which was free and said FULL GAME). I was just wondering the following:

Are the Episodes 1 - 4 actually the proper versions?

When Episode 5 is released (and I'm not sure when that is) will it be free as I got the 5 game series?

Sorry if this is really basic stuff for you guys but I just saw it on the PSN Store and thought it'd be a good game to get. Didn't realize it wasn't quite straight forward.

Thanks a lot!


  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
    edited August 2011
    Indeed, the "release date discussion thread" would have been a good start.

    We're hoping that the last episode will turn up sometime soon on PSN Europe. And yes, it is of course included in the five-game series, so you actually already bought it. ;)
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