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Could a Gamma setting be added to the options ?

posted by BarfHappy on - last edited - Viewed by 112 users
I guess it shouldn't be too difficult to add the setting and it would be nice to have it in my opinion, keep it simple, a slider like for the sound (although it might be too late for Ep 6, it may not be too late for the CD).
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    Sorry to bring up such an old post (from almost three years ago!). It's just to make the point that this issue has been talked about during the years, but TTG games still don't have a gamma slider.

    Yes, you can change that in your video card settings, but it's a bit cumbersome, specially if you want to do it during the game, plus you have to reset the video card settings to normal after you've finished playing.

    A Gamma correction slider bar shouldn't be too hard to implement. They also talk about that in the ToMI forum:

    I hope it can be added to future TTG releases.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Won't happen in Sam & Max, as that game's UI is already fully locked down. I will at least inquire about it for future titles. No promises though!
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    Thanks for listening! :)

    BTW, I appreciate you finally fixed the "not all resolutions available" issue starting with ToMI Episode 2.
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