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Making Elaine the Main Character for MI6

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Since the special ending after the credits of Tales of Monkey Island, I think it would be cool if Elaine became the main character in the next game. Morgan would make an interesting villain since she's in love with Guybrush and would probably stop at nothing to get him.
With Elaine as the new protagonist, players could see the game in her perspective as she gets a taste of what Guybrush does. Or Elaine and Guybrush could be switchable characters allowing for puzzles to be multi-layered and have more complex solutions. (Kind of like the beginning of Tales Chap 1 when Elaine uses the rope to let Guybrush across the mast to get to the other side of the ship.)
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  • I wouldn't mind having her playable for parts of the game, but I think Guybrush should still be the main character.
  • Switchable characters would work, but a full game with Elaine wouldn't. She's too serious, doesn't have the with and humour that Guybrush has, and thus the puzzles will be too logic for them to fit her character.

    I'd rather have LeChuck game, where the major part of the game is about setting a trap for Guybrush and Elaine. Or maybe a prequel to SOMI, where you play as LeChuck and have yet to meet Guybrush. The first part of the game would be to try and woo Elaine for her to marry her, and that part should end with Elaine telling her to drop dead. Then LeChuck decides do discover the secret of Monkey Island, and on his way he happens to visit Blood Island. And so forth.
  • I don't think a Monkey Island game would be a Monkey Island game without Guybrush as the main character.. Switchable characters might work though. But it should be limited. Perhaps as plot devices.
    I was thinking for instance, at the end of the game Guybrush gets captured and tortured by LeChuck/Main villain and Elaine has to find a way to rescue him.
  • I never liked adventure games where you have to switch character based on the story.
    Only as part of the gameplay, like in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, or in the Goblins series. I liked all characters, and after all they're so similar it's like the same character anyway.

    But I hated to be forced to play whole chapters as Gina in Runaway, as Nico in Broken Sword and as Max in Secret Files: Tunguska. Heck I wasn't even a big fan of playing as Max in Sam & Max S3, but at least that part was short enough.
    A good adventure game main character is not easy to create, and having a game series with TWO main characters is in my experience impossible.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The main character of MI6 is, of course, James Bond! Gettit?? :D
  • With what we know of Elaine's character and how she interacts with other people when Guybrush isn't around, I don't think she would be a very playable character. She has to be in the right places at the right time and manipulate people. She's not like Guybrush, who is pleasant/pathetic and plays the thinks-he's-sneaky kleptomaniac game, then uses items in bizzarre ways to do things. I reckon other people know he's doing these things and avoid him because he's weird. Elaine is more of your typical woman.

    LeChuck, on the other hand, would be great fun to play, as I'd imagine everyone would have fun thinking in a scheming, diabolical way, fuelled by misendevours, hatred and simply having the pirate-captain-to-rule-them-all psyche. The more I think about it, the Monkey Island: Legends of LeChuck, turning the course of the episodic model back to short stories that don't have to be connected is a great idea for one game. I'm certainly getting bored of the current Guybrush-LeChuck-Elaine dynamic now.

    As for playing other characters not being MI enough, it's still within the MI Universe and it needs expanding.
  • I would happily play an episode as Elaine.. but I would not want an entire game without Guybrush...
  • Unless Elaine had some kind of voodoo power that was given to her at the beginning of the game. That way players would have an "incentive" to play as her in the game and it would open the puzzle solving experiences if you're switching characters.
  • As stated earlier by someone else, I wouldn't mind Elaine as a helping character for Guybrush to get, I dunno, an item or something.

    An example that comes to mind is Majora's Mask with the Kafei mission where the player plays as both Link and Kafei to get to the other side (sounds like a chicken joke... digressing) so with that as an example, I wouldn't mind playing around as Elaine alongside Guybrush. Heck, I wouldn't mind temporarily playing as Elaine to get Guybrush out of a cage or something (again, with the Kafei mission in mind).
  • OR what if Guybrush and Elaine switched bodies because of some ancient voodoo curse and it can only be lifted by finding a lost treasure?
    That way it wouldn't seem odd that Elaine is doing what Guybrush does because he's Elaine! And Elaine would be forced to do what Guybrush does.
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