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Problems running the game

Ok so here's my situation. I just downloaded the episode 1. But, the thing is, that when I click on "PLAY!", it doesn't do anything. The game doesn't run. What sould I do ?!


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    There's the problem, if you are more visual :

    Thank you.
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    did you try run directly with exe file?

    C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Back to the Future The Game\Episode 1\BackToTheFuture101.exe
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    Never mind now, the problem is solved... or kind of. I had to run it as an administrator, so I went into my mom's session and I could play. Thank you anyway !! :)
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    I was having the same problem with Episode 1 on Windows 7; all the other launchers worked except part 1. But running it as administrator makes it work.
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    episode 2 when i turn it on to play will show no images just voices what do i do?
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