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Has FireFox. Doesn't see why it's great.

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I've been long overdue to get FireFox, but it became very apparent that the entire internet is against default browsers. There was even a study posted recently that claims if you use IE9, you're not as intelligent as those who use FireFox or Chrome. Surprisingly Safari users scored just above IE users in that study, too.

But you know what? I don't see why this browser is so great. I have the NoScript add-on for security reasons (recent hijacking... ON MY MAC!! :eek: ), and so far, I don't see what the big deal is.

After hearing about how great the browser is and I should have it and use nothing but it, I'm not seeing the benefits right now, let alone any improvements.

Mind telling me what you guys LIKE about the browser? Seriously, I'm posting this thread while on FireFox and I still don't see what's so great about it other than a yellow bar on the bottom that tells me it's blocking tracking ads from Google right now.
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  • Opera is indeed a very nice browser, but not everything works well with it. Most sites will test with Firefox, but not everyone tests with Opera.

    I've never been comfortable with IE, because it's too interlocked with the operating system. I can have multiple versions of other browsers installed if I really want to, but not IE.

    I'm also typing this on a Linux system, so IE isn't much of an option anyway. :)

    By the way, you can move the buttons around in Firefox if you don't like their positions, but it isn't as user-friendly as it should be.
  • Firefox used to be the best.

    But everyone else caught up.
  • Firefox does everything I want it to do. Really do not like IE and Chrome, while nice, doesn't do everything I want it to do. Yet.
  • I also find it hard to use IE because it's IE. I grew up using Navigator and being aware of the battle being waged against Microsoft's browser monopoly. So, some bitterness there.
  • Firefox was great when Explorer was garbage. Many people, like myself, just stuck with them.
  • The advantage of Firefox over Chrome is the greater availability of extensions (add-ons). This may be changing, however slowly, but the last time I used Chrome there were several extensions that I use in Firefox that weren't similarly available in Chrome. One such example of this is NoScript.
  • I have fire fox because for some reason, after updating it, internet explorer doesn't play videos with a clear screen anymore. For example, the videos when you first open the TellTale website, I can hear them, but the screen is black. So I have to use FireFox to watch videos. Except for youtube. youtube still work on IE
  • sounds like you need to update your installed version of Flash.
  • The reason why I'm NOT using IE is IE is very prone to anonymous toolbar downloads and spywares, also uses a big amount of memory space. After this point onwards I have the freedom of using any browser I want, and I chose Firefox. Its design is slick and it was first compatible with the very few amount of add-ons I use, so I never wanted to change to Chrome or Opera or anything else. People say Chrome is better because of less CPU usage or something but it's not like I'm always deeply running out of memory and CPU usage here.
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