DeviantArt! Anyone?

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I couldn't find any threads related to DeviantArt and I know we have some very talented people around here. Let's share links and pictures just to see how awesome we all are..and the World and it's butterflies will--

Okay, I'm lying.

Mihai, my bro, started to work in photoshop lately and he wants to get as much feedback as possible on his latest works.
Even if it's only a small increase in the number of views, he gets really excited about it and starts drawing some more.

If you feel like it, please take a look at his drawings. Or even comment. Or a thumbs up. Or whatever you awesome people do on DeviantArt. :) It means a lot to him.

Oh and, yeah, you can also post your own links in this thread. It's been approved. :D Show us your works!


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