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Need a new modem and router. Help?

posted by Zeek on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users
Geez, it seems all my tech is dying in the past year.

So I have this modem-router combo. ( I've had it for 7 months. The first thing I've noticed is that I had to do hard restarts every 3 days, which I was okay with. Annoyed with, but okay with.

Last night, it just flat out didn't work for 90 minutes. I couldn't figure out if it was the modem itself or the router. All I know is that I help having to do hard resets every 10 minutes.

Anyone got any suggestions on better external modem and routers? I'll be calling Best Buy because I have their Geek Squad 2 Year Service thing, so we'll see what I can get out of that. I'm just asking this in the meantime.
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  • I have to do hard resets all the time, it's not the router, it's the line quality in our case. We're on old school copper lines, maybe worth checking out with your ISP/line provider before plopping down any cash.
  • Well, I was lucky to trade in the old all-in-one for two separate units (one router, one modem), but I encountered something interesting.

    First off, my ISP said the reason why I'm seeing so many signal drops is because they still have yet to do a firmware update. I need to keep a specific brand of modem, because if I don't and they do the firmware update? Well, then it's my fault and not theirs. :rolleyes: I can get whatever router I want, however.

    And that's where the second problem is now. Apparently the router I have isn't powerful enough to handle streaming content where I'm at in the house. This includes movies, live broadcasts, and (sadly) online gaming. It sucks how I can get a clear signal if I move my computer three feet from where it is plugged in, but when I put it back, the signal drops. The Wii is only 25 feet away from the router, and I can't even play Mario Kart on the online community.

    The model that does support it is about $20 more than what I traded for, but I know I'll have to also buy another service plan for the new router as well. At this point, I'm better off not doing live streaming until I have the money to just buy a new router. I can't pay the difference right now, and I'm lucky I was able to trade the old unit for two new ones.
  • I find that I have had good experiences with Linksys routers.

    My dad bought an Apple Airport Extreme recently and it sucks. My wife can't ever play Runescape at their house anymore, the lag is so bad.

    You could get a Wireless N router, but Nintendo says the Wii uses Wireless G anyway.
  • Oh, so that's why I can't play Mario Kart online. Compatibility issues.
  • Well, if you have Wireless N, it should also be compatible with G and B. You just have to have the router settings configured as such. If you have your router set to N only, then yes that is why it won't work.
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