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Will sex not change anything?

posted by doodo! on - Viewed by 113 users
Some one told me this, and of course considering it, I am considering it rationally and not in the case that I would knock some one up, or do something that's not advisable and out away from the bare minimal of having sex.

I'm obviously considering the activity as a consequence of its own, and not the expanding universe where sex was incidentally the driving point or influence of other silly mistakes that have been made.

I am consciously focusing on sex in its definition, the experience, and only the consequences of in of itself. We all know it can lead to problems if you take things within their linear housing, if you would, and flood the basement...

I am referring to the responsible sex, inside of it's respectable definition, and non perverted if you would by foolish actions and other consequences other than the inherent consequences of the very act itself.

Thank you.
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