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Yoda hut, any one nice want to say something?

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This is very unfinished. I'm going to add more details vines, and then finish the hut, so there's a lot of work that needs to be done. I'm not a real mapper, but I feel that I can have fun with this. A yoda hut is a very personal thing to make, watch ESB and ROTJ side by side, the basics remain the same, but they aren't the same huts. And to make something like this has a personal touch as in reality the the outer skeletion doesn't line up with the inner.

I've studied this hut for years...

Also it has to be scaled so that you can actually use it in a game, so it's not the easiest thing to create.

I'm also looking for people who know how to model, or have a yoda model to help be port it to my map, as well as suggestions, constructive criticisms that don't harm or hinder the growth of this inspired project , of about 6 years now. I've made several huts, I like this one, it's the latest hut.

So, I'm looking for nice feed back to make it more organic, real. But, keep in mind the challenges of something like this, and design restrictions and my experience as a mapper which is very limited.

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  • Thank you, XD I'll post updates when I can. Thanks for being cool about it. It's something I've worked on for a long time. On and off, I'm just going to make the inside and outside of the hut, even though dagobah completes it, it's not something I want to spend lots of time on. And people can put this Yoda hut wherever they want to. I'll release it as a .map file and playable file and that will be as far as I think I'll take it for now.

    I think it will look better when it's complete, right now it's hard to get a sense of space, closure, home. But, I got to do some math homework.

    I just want to finish the damn thing already though, as time goes I learn better methods to make it more organic, real, such as the floor being laid out into patches and the ceiling too, that way I can have more control over everything.

    Thanks for commenting.
  • What'd you create it in?
  • GTKRadiant, it should be modeled, if you ask a modeler, but that would be a pain in the ass, worse than this, because you'd have to scale it to the character model height and it just sounds more difficult to me. And I don't know how to port 3D models or 3d model .
  • I don't know how to use photoshop, BUT I'M TRYING TO ANYWAY

    :) kidding kidding
  • I think a lot of the charm is within the inner dimensions of movement, I think this video shows some of the charm but once people play the map they will atleast be more open to it.

    Thanks for sharing . You're good at photoshop, it's a natural talent, maybe modeling is a natural talent of mine, I just never explored it, but I think I'm going to see this through and see if I can make it work out. I like most of what I got, to cut curves I've combined some of this hut with the last one.

    Because of time, and because I want to finish it, and other reasons. Even if this map isn't perfect, I've been working on it for years and no one else has made a walk in yoda hut map. I guess it bores some people but I've always wanted one.
  • Glad you shared it with the world :D
  • Oh sweet!

    I loved Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy!

    There are TONS of Yoda models on
    I always wanted to model stuff but I don't have the patience to do it. 2D is more my kind of thing.

    Keep us posted ^.^
  • Thank you both for being nice. I'm making the tables more knarly now.
  • It's actually come a long way fast, it looks a lot better, real quick. Thanks for the support. I'll put the file up here first when it's done and then on the JK files and you guys can see it then. It's really coming along. I'm torn between putting silly things in it or not as I'm not serious all the time and I'd like to put a few jokes in it.
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