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JP Disc Version Collector's Edition Idea

posted by Telekill on - last edited - Viewed by 313 users
Granted, I would just be happy to see this new JP game come to disc on PS3... but it would be incredible if there was a collector's edition of it with many of the classic Jurassic Park games from yester-year such as:

JP from Genesis
JP Rampage Edition from Genesis
JP from Game Gear
LWJP from Game Gear
JP from Sega CD
JP from SNES

Even just the original from the Genesis would be awesome as it's my favorite movie to game adaptation ever. All the Sega JP games were cool though. I had a retro night last night playing and beating both JP games on my Sega Game Gear.

So yeah, while I'd be happy with just this new JP game on disc for PS3... having all these others in a collector's edition would make me easily drop $60-$70 on it.
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