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Graphics Don't Make The Game

posted by Zeek on - last edited - Viewed by 958 users
I'm getting sick of seeing all these comments on TTG's YouTube account about how their latest Jurassic Park trailer looks like crap, how the game will probably be crap, and so many people will claim it will fail because it doesn't look real enough.

When are people who play games going to realize that it isn't all about graphics. It helps, sure, but I don't play games for the graphics. I play games for the stories and the compelling interaction between me as a player and whatever the scenario is in the game.

I wanted to see how the story of Back to the Future would play out in the TTG game, even though I have yet to play it and have been trying to find a commentary free "Let's play" of the final episode that doesn't feature a Rage Quit due to the Glass House bug.

I want to see where the Jurassic Park story goes and how it is handled knowing that it takes place during the movie.

The only reason I even care about graphics is because I know my computer right now can't handle the memory demand to render the raptors, even if they look like crap according to all those YouTube comments.
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