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Puzzle Agent Glitch (PS3 Version)

posted by Tamboo on - Viewed by 138 users
I purchased the game off of the PSN store and downloaded/installed it. I booted the game up and everything was working fine, I had gotten up to the point inside the hotel then saved and quit for the day. I came back, loaded my game and for some reason I can't interact with anything. Usually you see that white glow to select things but it's not there anymore and I can't do anything. I've tried doing a new game, but I can only get up to the creepy man on the bench and can't even select him.

I was able to once but I don't know what I did but then I wasn't able to select the broken fence afterwards. I've already tried re-installing the game and deleting my save files but still can't see that white glow to select people/objects. Is there any fix to this glitch because right now this game is just unplayable for me.
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