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Vista Users - get your giant icons here!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
As you may or may not know, Windows Vista supports a new icon format... a new ridiculously enormous icon format. While XP maxed out at icons that were 48x48 pixels, Vista has upped the ante to a gigantic 256x256 square.

Vista users may have noticed that I caught this in time for episodes 4 through 6 - those games ship with the epic MegIcons already there and working, and look very pretty in Vista. Episodes 1 through 3, however, are limited to a (now) meager 48x48.

I am here to remedy this!

Behold: Vista-size icons for Sam & Max Episodes 1 - 3

And what would a weird zip full of mystery files glommed on after the fact be without a convoluted dance step of an install guide with at least four too many arrows? I couldn't really tell you what it would be, because I've never seen such an occurrence, so here's a quick step by step to upgrade your bliss Windows icon experience!


If you run into any issues with these, let me know. Otherwise, showering this thread with thanks will suffice.
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