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Great games that run on "differently useful computers"

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I've been inspired by Telltale's Reality 2.0. Let's make a list of great games that will run on not-so-great hardware.

1. Sam and Max Season 1 (all five episodes release so far run great)
2. Monkey Island (All 4 titles)
3. Grim Fandango
4. Full Throttle
5. Sam and Max Hit the Road
6. King's Quest Collection
7. Day of the Tentacle
8. Manic Mansion
9. The Longest Journey
10. Beneath a Steel Sky

My laptop -while solid and very well made- is not designed for gaming. 1.86 Intel celeron core duo, 1.5 GB RAM, 60 GB Hard drive. Not even an integrated graphics card to speak of. Yikes! Would you believe it ran all those games? I even plan on installing more.
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  • Games that I believe will run, but haven't installed yet:

    1. Fallout 1 & 2
    2. Diablo 1 &2
    3. Police Quest Collection
    4. Space Quest Collection
    5. Leisure Suit Larry Collection :D
  • Unfortunately my laptop doesn't run Season 1 at all smoothly, even at the lowest resolution. Probably has to do with the built-in Intel videocard. Generally speaking, adventure and puzzle games have low requirements. There are also a plethora of sites offering small light-weight 'arcade' games ( being one of my favorites), and/or free games in your browser (I especially like's Daily Mahjong)
    And you can always take refuge in solid old games, though age makes games hard to find. A few years can make requirements seem a lot more manageable. The vintage game Covert Action is one of my all-time favorite games (be warned though that the graphics did not age well). You'll want to run it in DosBox or VDMsound. (While I'm at it, /me shamelessly plugging my little Covert Action/Sam & Max crossover comic series:))
  • Downloading Covert Action as we speak. I have DosBox 7.0, but never tries using it. :o
  • Just returned from breakfast; let's see, here are some other favorite games of mine that should run well enough:
    - Commandos 2 (best in the series; went downhill from there and number 1 was also brilliant but less polished and insanely difficult at times)
    - the Worms series, especially Armageddon and Mayhem (avoid Worms:3D though)
    - Heroes of Might and Magic series (except number 4, that one tried to turn HoMM into an rpg..)
    - KGB (a vintage adventure game that is very good but also very difficult and very unforgiving; even if you normally eshew using walkthroughs you may want to keep one nearby for this one)
    - X-COM series
    - Master of Orion series (though number 3 disappointed me as it didn't have the improvements I was hoping for and didn't have the flavorful feel to it that MoO2 had)
  • Rasher;28151 said:
    Downloading Covert Action as we speak. I have DosBox 7.0, but never tries using it. :o
    I just realized CA isn't very forthcoming in telling you what the controls are, so for your convenience here's what you need to know about the action sequences.
    EDIT: oopsie! forgot to include this one: F4 to attempt to access computer (F1 to get a letter of the password)
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    Pretty much every great game made before '00 is going to count for this thread. These days, i'd very much rank Cave Story up there.
  • Oooh, a platformer! I haven't played one of those in ages. Well, I do have Super Mario World on my DS. Thanks for the rec :)

    For those that would love a laugh-yourself-stupid really old school adventure game with Monty Pyhton-esque humor try Eric the Unready

    Just don't expect the solution to make logical sense.
  • And if you want truly Monty Python-esque humor, try Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time :D

    Not a good game, barely even a game, but it's Monty Python!

    (And yes, this game will even confuse a cat
  • Ooooooh, I like old text adventure games from Legend. :D

    -downloads Eric the Undready-
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