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Beyond Reasonable Doom reviews thread (suspected spoilers)

posted by tbm1986 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I've enjoyed all the episodes this season but this one was longer and was more fitting as a closing episode. The humour wasn't as forced as other episodes and felt more natural. The progressing storyline was perfect.

I haven't got any complaints to make whatsoever. 10/10 from me.
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  • I just finished it. I think this series has been absolutely hilarious! I have to say I was snickering more per minute than even on Sam and Max or Monkey Island (which is saying something!) (I think the very British humour helped (me being a Brit.)) My Dad was watching the last bit over my shoulder (and he was laughing nearly as much as me) - and we both kept thinking - oh, this is the end. But no, it just kept going. I wasn't sure about the first bit, it seemed a bit rushed and a bit linear (compared to episode 2), but I think the extended climax was well worth it (far too many games - though none of Telltale's, thankfull - have a rather pants ending.)

    I liked the puzzles, they were just about my level. I had to resort to using the hints a few time; but I liked the fact that I didn't even have to leave the game to do so, and that even they were really funny! Mostly it was my usual failing, missing that one tag. If I had one suggestion for a sequel, it would be a button to highlight all the interactables, like ToMI had.

    I would really like to hope there is a sequel, because that was fantastic. And at that price? Damn. Seriously, one of the best approximate tenners I've ever spent!

    I definately agree on the 10/10.
  • Diduz;545226 said:
    From my point of view that moment stands with the best moments of Day of the Tentacle! :)
  • Absolutely hysterical, every moment of it. And not a puzzle out of place. I'd definitely buy a second series in a heartbeat.
  • So good. So, so good.

    This is on par with Telltale's best. Appropriate they're the publishers, I guess.
  • Agreed on nothing out of place for the franchise, but did anyone notice a slight Great Cow Race (Bone) feel to Clapfest?
  • I loved it I hope there's a season 2.
  • well, they would have an idea for a season 2. It could be about the "Thing"! Remember that? And i absolutely loved the avocade part!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    "Avocado" was the best adventure game moment I've had in a long time.

    Great stuff, rather sad to see it end and would definitely be up for another project from these guys!
  • I've just finished playing through ep3 again and noticed a few interesting tidbits in the credits:

    Straandlooper staff aren't itemised but Telltale's are
    One of the writers is Dave Grossman
    "Based on an idea by Straandlooper", blah
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