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Hector Ep3 lockup on map and screen change!

posted by Kaldire on - Viewed by 103 users

so walking around the .. un"fair" aka clapfest... I move from place to place by walking.

Forgetting you do get fast travel via map i walked to the right... to change screens

at the same time i opened the map, seemed it was about to load the next area AND BLAM the map pops up music plays and its frozen.

I tried and can repeat this error many times

Bottom line: dont open the map when changing areas and its solved
issue: that should have been caught somewhere yea?

not a huge issue but one caused a bit of uhh is there a way around this has it been reported as an issue?

PC version btw
and here is me thanking a dear friend for the purchased gift of glorious HECTOR :P its awesome

note: this really doesnt need support was more of a heads up as the episode isnt to long and its not to abrasive, just warning! and wondering if its been seen on testing end or even ttg end in play of their own .. or other fans
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