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Give idea, get story (now with 20% more Haggis!) - Update: Hardback cover book

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Hi everyone, I know I haven't been here in, like, forever, but I've got something that may be of interest. Basically, you give me an idea (a subject, setting, a few lines), and I write a story for you!

If you want to get an idea of what I mean, you can find two sample stories (ideas courtesy of SilverWolfPet) here:

Enjoy, and feel free to ask for a story in this thread! :D
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  • GaryCXJk wrote: »
    That's what he said!

    So. It has come to this.
  • Sorry for taking forever, but I've been busy... the good news is though, that I've released a new collection of short stories:

    It's 99 cents, but if one of your stories is in there, you'll get a free copy. I already notified many of you by PM, but some people that got a story in there couldn't be reached in that way, so let me know if you want a copy of the e-book.

    I hope to be able to return to writing stories again soon... I just think I'll skip the Britt and Ymke prompt though (sorry Gary, but I'm in danger of permanently damaging my IQ if I write a story featuring those two :D).
  • Yeah, I was just going to say skip that one, I'll come up with a better suggestion :P

    And now I've forgotten what that suggestion was.

    EDIT: Remembered what it was.

    Something Dutch.

    This is a very open theme, as you can go in several directions, like, in a literary way (imitate Dutch literature in just a short story), or it could be a story that has a lot of Dutch culture references, even the writing style could be Dutch (as most Dutch novels have a distinct style of build-up). I don't know. You can make it as obvious or as subtle as you want even. It's a hard one, it will challenge your creativity, but it's also a very open one, and I'm really curious as to what you could do with that.
  • Oooh, I like that one! :)
  • Thanks for the coupon, Haggis and thanks for using my prompt in it. :D
  • You're welcome, and feel free to write a review! :)
  • Whew... I finally made a new story. I decided to write Gary's story first, because I skipped his Britt and Ymke idea... it turned out to be rather long:

    Next up will be hangingwithmonkeys' story, which is also the last one in the queue for now.
  • Wow, that was actually pretty damn beautiful. And actually, that is exactly what Dutch literature is. Dutch literature always hangs in a sort of melancholy, the feeling of wanting to go back to how things were, yet on the other hand, it's all about change, and mostly also about fate, how it's unavoidable. Most Dutch literature also has a bittersweet end to it, never truly a happy one, if there even is one. Most of the times it presents itself as a happy ending, yet if one reads truly, there isn't really one.
  • Thanks, glad you liked it. :) I do actually think that the bittersweetness is more of a universal thing - for this story I was actually partly inspired by Guy de Maupassant (who was of course French), whose stories I'm reading at the moment. I also found the same melancholia in a lot of Russian literature.
  • Sort of reminded me of the global warming debate, actually. :)
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