HELP ME! (S&M Season 1 episode 4)

i tried evrything give a ribbon to bodygaurd, and use a bosco bottle and the bodygaurd singning and ran away, but he is still stere. What shoud i do?


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    hint guide

    hmmmm maybe if we can change the date to a day off for our friend superball maybe he would leave

    the tell u how to and ruin the puzzle guide


    ok so first after given superball the ribbon go to the board beside the desk in the oval office and click on it now and move the sticky note to secretary's day and now go back and tell him to take a day off he will look at the board and leave and then get the soda poppers drunk and make them fight each other to get the war song and then ur free to go into the war room
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    thanks man. :D
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    no problem im glad i could help =)
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