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Static when playing monkey island.

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Hello Telltale,
I am a loyal customer of telltale games. I bought the monkey island series during the sale a couple of days ago for mac. However when playing the episodes sometimes it works fine and sometimes the screen looks like it is static. It is not unplayable, however it severely impedes my ability to enjoy the game. I was wondering if your support group had ever encountered this issue before and if you have what should you do for it?
Thank you

I had already sent an email to the support email address but unfortunately got no response.

Originally I thought the issue may have been that there were two many application opens but the problem continued even after they were all closed.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Allow me to quote myself:
    Macfly77;546115 said:
    You could try lowering the graphics quality.
    From the main menu, click on "Settings", press the right arrow twice and lower the quality until the speed improves (I played the PC version of Tales of Monkey Island on my Mac with CrossOver Game before the Mac version was available and I had to play it at level 4 or 5).
    A lower resolution might help too.
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