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Kingdom Hearts

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Title really says it all

I'm gonna start with i find really sad that Roxas spent the whole summer in a machine and has friends but they don't even know him and they don't try to become friends :(
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  • Origami;801584 said:
    That, and that they just officially announced that KHIII and FFXV will be released on XBOX.
    I'd ask you to provide a link, but here it is.
  • Now give us a Spider-Man,X-Men, and Star Wars world in it and everyone will be happy.
  • They haven't even had a Pixar reference yet, have they?
  • Toy Story World. Calling it.
  • Toy Story,Monsters University (or Monsters Inc), Wall-E, and The Incredibles would be great to have in it.
  • Avengers world please. (I know theres no way it can work).
  • So I had this all typed, by my post was eaten, and "Lazarous" only saved a word, so that's one helpful app you all recommended there ;)

    Sora, Luke Skywalker, and Cloud vs Riku, Darth Vader, and Sephiroth.

    You know what to do.
  • You know I had an idea. What about a world based on Emperor's new Groove. The story could be Kuzco being the greedy emperor unwillingly and unknownly opens himself to darkness and Xehanort's influence. Sora lands in the throne room but is separated from Donald & Goofy who have landed outside the palace as Pacha is heading there. Sora witnesses the song number at the start of the movie and looks with a little disgust at how the emperor is treating everyone. Donald & Goofy follow Pacha into the palace and meets up with Sora who is still looking when all 3 witness Kuzco fire Ymza and Him getting the guards to throw the old man out the window. Suddenly the heartless and Xehanort's attack bent on turning Kuzco into one of Xehanort's nobodies. Sora, Donald, and Goofy run out and attack but Xehanort decides to taunt them and sends a wave of heartless to take care of them and he escapes into a dark portal. Kuzco in a cowardly and cheeky way demands Sora to protect him. After taking care of the heartless, Pacha walks in and Kuzco questions him about the hill where he can build his summer home. When he mentions that he's going to destroy Pacha's village, Sora cuts in and defends Pacha but Kuzco just kicks them all out of the palace. Pucha offers Sora,Donald, and Goofy that they can stay with him but his village would most likely be destroyed. Sora agrees but says he will stop Kuzco from doing it.

    It then cuts away to a cutscenes with Ymza talking to Xehanort and they make a deal. Xehanort helps Ymza take over the empire and Ymza shall help him. In another cutscene Kuzco is turned into a lama and Kronk by mistake gives him to Pacha,Sora and the others. When they arrive at Pacha's hut they find out about Kuzco and as he walks into the forest alone, Sora convinces the others to help him. The story is about Kuzco learning to treat others better and not be so greedy.

    The boss could be Sora being forced to fight off different forms of Ymza who uses her potions to turn into different forms. The fight is a race against time because They are all racing for the human potion. But Ymza has a head start so Sora has to fight her while she races towards the bottle while Goody,Donald,Pacha, and Kuzco climb up the palace while Sora and Ymza fight each other running down the palace to the potion.
  • I don't need to read the whole thing to tell you Emperor's new grove cannot work. ENG was very fast pased comedy that KH simply doesn't have.

    Most the jokes on KH are awkwardly done and most the time not even funny it wouldn't translate well in the New Grove world where almost every line was a joke.
  • Stop making sense coolsome, it's just plain wrong!
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