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Kingdom Hearts

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Title really says it all

I'm gonna start with i find really sad that Roxas spent the whole summer in a machine and has friends but they don't even know him and they don't try to become friends :(
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  • I'm wondering would American Dragon Jake Long work? Its more of an action show like Kim Possible.
  • Eh, maybe? But I feel like both shows are aimed at a younger demographic than Kingdom Hearts is going for, especially with the tone of the series as it goes into Kingdom Hearts III, and especially with how all the Disney worlds are supposed to tie into the main plot.
  • I think Enchanted could work, it would just be a fairly limited version of the "real world." It could fit in fairly entertainingly with the multiple-world framework of the KH series. Our world would just be another one of the many.
  • ryannumber1gamer;826999 said:
    I don't think every world in Kingdom Hearts has to have some kind of Drama in it :/
    Ordinarily, I would agree with you, but with where things are as of the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D, I expect Kingdom Hearts III to be a very heavy game, much less lighthearted than some of what we've seen in other games. I think some of those worlds could work a lot better in future games, after Xehanort is finished.
  • I sincerely hope the games after KH3 live up to the promise of "this Xehanort saga is over" because this saga really should've ended at BBS. Both Re:Coded and 3D have been awful story wise IMHO because they both are trying to continue something that should've died instead of being a new beginning.
  • Couldn't you say that the Xehanort saga has been in some way or form been in Kingdom Hearts. While it may not have been planned in Kingdom Hearts 1 or Chain of Memories. There is proof it most likely was planned while Kingdom Hearts II was in development.
  • ryannumber1gamer;827022 said:
    Couldn't you say that the Xehanort saga has been in some way or form been in Kingdom Hearts. While it may not have been planned in Kingdom Hearts 1 or Chain of Memories. There is proof it most likely was planned while Kingdom Hearts II was in development.
    Yeah I know that,I don't recall ever saying otherwise, but the Xehanort Saga could've easily ended at BBS without the hidden ending. I called it right at BBS that they need to call this saga quits or it will feel tacked on and so far I feel like I've been right on with that statement. I haven't enjoyed either RE:Coded or 3D because of this.
  • The problem is that Birth by Sleep set up far too many loose ends, and as a prequel, it would've placed the end of the Xehanort Saga at Kingdom Hearts II. All of Xemnas's eccentricities in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix finally had some light shed on their origins, but still had no resolution. We finally knew what the Organization was searching for in Castle Oblivion, but Ventus was still trapped there with no heart. We finally knew what was housed in the Chamber of Repose and why, but Aqua was still trapped in the Realm of Darkness. We finally knew where Xehanort came from before turning up in Radiant Garden with no memory, but Terra was still a prisoner in his own heart.

    Birth by Sleep didn't do anything to resolve the Xehanort Saga. All it did was shed light on some of the mysteries that had been going on in the background of it as far back as Chain of Memories.

    Was Re:coded necessary? Not especially. Yes, it caught the characters up on some of the things we already knew about, things that happened in Birth by Sleep, Days, and Chain of Memories but were forgotten. But it didn't especially bring anything new for the players until the secret ending. That said, from a gameplay standpoint, I found it to be the much more fun game of the two DS entries.

    Was Dream Drop necessary? Partially. I did like the idea of Sora and Riku taking a Mark of Mastery exam. I did like everything that was going on in the background, both in Yen Sid's tower and the World That Never Was. But the framing device for Sora and Riku's journey did feel a bit weak. I liked the concept of bringing back worlds that didn't resurface after the Door to Darkness was closed, but traveling through the Sleeping Worlds did give a bit of a feeling that what we were doing didn't matter in the real world. But it was still a fun Kingdom Hearts game, with the strongest gameplay we've seen on a portable system.

    Dream Drop's necessity is really the same as Chain of Memories. Both games were necessary as midquel games to introduce an incarnation of Organization XIII. Without Dream Drop, Kingdom Hearts III would need some sort of introductory chapter to explain what's going on with the villains' side and what Sora's up against, and we'd end up with some sort of hybrid of the end of Dream Drop and the first four hours of Kingdom Hearts II where we were Roxas.
  • Hey since most of the people in this thread have beaten KH 3D. Does anyone got any suggestions on how to beat the boss in Sora's Fantasia world? The boss himself isn't too had but Sora barely does any damage to him.
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