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Kingdom Hearts

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Title really says it all

I'm gonna start with i find really sad that Roxas spent the whole summer in a machine and has friends but they don't even know him and they don't try to become friends :(
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  • Also I actually thought Space Paranoids was at least better than Sora's The Grid. It felt like a bit of a maze in The Grid :/
  • I finally managed to beat Spellican In Sora's Symphony of Sorcery. It took a shit ton of level grinding with the Dream eaters outside of the tower so much in fact i went from level 14 to level 40 just to beat the damn boss. It must have taken me 4 days of level grinding but i managed to beat the boss with not too much effort after level grinding.
  • I can't wait til the Marvel level where Rocket Raccoon is your party member in KHIII.
  • After Re:coded, I took some time and did a lot of speculating on the future of the series, and I made a list of likely plot points and questions that I had. After I finished 3D, I apparently went back and answered a lot of those questions, sometimes with another question, and asked new questions. I came across this list last night, and I thought some of it might make for some interesting conversation on here. It's fairly long, so there's plenty to talk about.
    • How can Sora rescue Naminé and Roxas when they are parts of Kairi and himself?
    • Perhaps, after Aqua is rescued and leads Sora to Ventus’s body in Castle Oblivion, Sora has to unlock his own heart again to release Ventus’s, creating Roxas again?
    • If Roxas only had a heart because he kept Ventus’s, this will only create a true Nobody version of Roxas, which won’t be able to feel like he did originally.
    • It also creates the problem of having to track down Sora’s Heartless in Castle Oblivion (the worst place in the universe to have to find something, even with Aqua) so Kairi can restore it to human form.
    • Also, this means Sora will remain a Heartless forever, even if he’s in human form.
    [*]Also, this still doesn’t solve the Naminé issue.[/list]
    [*]For that matter, why wasn’t Ventus’s heart released when Sora released Kairi’s?
    • If Ventus’s heart isn’t just residing in Sora, but is still attached to Sora’s own heart while it heals, then Sora’s Heartless would’ve been made out of both of their hearts, which is somewhat consistent with Roxas having Ventus’s appearance.
    • On the other hand, it seems that Ventus’s heart may have stayed with Sora’s body, resulting in Roxas being a Nobody with a heart. This is also consistent with Roxas looking like Ventus. However, this still leaves the problem of why Ventus’s heart wasn’t released with Sora and Kairi’s.
    [*]How can Sora rescue Xion when not only is she part of Roxas (and therefore himself), but also nobody remembers she existed?
    • The memory of her is somewhere within Sora, as referenced in the ending of coded and displayed in the ending of 3D.
    • According to Ansem the Wise, Sora may have the ability to bring back those we thought were lost forever. Seeing as he was able to have a fight with Roxas after merging with him, he may be able to take a Dive to the Heart, find her and Roxas there, and somehow bring them back with him.
    [*]Why does destroying Ansem and Xemnas bring back Master Xehanort instead of Terra-Xehanort?
    • If Master Xehanort comes back, how is it that he’s supposed to be recruiting Ansem and Xemnas into his new Organization?
    • Time travel, apparently, but it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    [*]On top of this, why did Master Xehanort re-form in The World That Never Was if he became a Heartless in Hollow Bastion?
    • And why did he disappear with the time travel Xehanorts when their time travel suddenly ran out? Did we witness him arriving from the future, rather than him re-forming? If so, will he not remember his failure to place his heart in Sora?
    [*]If Xehanort had three hearts inside him (Master Xehanort, Terra, Eraqus), whose heart is Ansem made from?
    [*]If Xemnas is made from Xehanort's (and therefore Terra's) body, why does he act like Xehanort and not Terra?
    • The same reason Nobodies are able to fake having emotion. He still has Xehanort’s memories.
    [*]If Master Xehanort comes back instead of Terra-Xehanort, where did his body come back from, and where did Terra's body and Terra's and Eraqus's hearts go?
    [*]Assuming Master Xehanort didn't become a Heartless because his heart went directly into Terra, where did his body go and why didn't he become a Nobody?
    [*]If all of the Princesses of Heart had their hearts removed, why does only Kairi have a Nobody?
    • The same question goes double for Aurora after losing her heart a second time (first time, chronologically) in Birth by Sleep.
    • And for that matter, when Kairi’s heart took refuge in Sora, why did her body become comatose instead of becoming a Nobody?
    • Plus, since Kairi’s body wakes up when her heart re-enters it, and never disappears, she still has it, so what is Naminé made of?
    • The same question would go for Roxas, but I’m operating under the assumption that Sora remains a Heartless in human form, like Ansem, through the Kingdom Hearts ending and all of Chain of Memories, until Roxas merges with him in Kingdom Hearts II.
    • This means that if he died in the Ansem fight or in Castle Oblivion and Roxas was somehow killed later, Sora would wake up as a complete being in front of the Final Keyhole.
    [*]It seems that the body doesn’t become a Nobody just by having the heart separated from it, that the creation of a Heartless is required for a body without its heart to become a Nobody.
    • Which makes it even more confusing why Naminé was created, unless the creation of Sora’s Heartless somehow fulfilled this requirement.
    [*]Why does Ventus not have a Nobody?
    • Strangely enough, he seems to be in the exact same situation Kairi was in during Kingdom Hearts, with his body going comatose in his heart’s absence instead of becoming a Nobody.
    • Perhaps this is because his heart became a heart of pure light, like a Princess of Heart’s, when Master Xehanort purged it of darkness in order to create Vanitas. When Vanitas and the χ-blade are destroyed, this condition becomes permanent.
    • Also, it may have to do with the strange way that Ven’s heart passed into Sora without actually leaving his body.
    [*]Does anybody know or even care where Aqua is?
    • Yes. Signs of what’s next implies that they already know where she is, when Mickey says that they’re close to finding Ventus’s heart, Yen Sid states that leaves only Terra missing, and Mickey says that they have to save all three of them.
    • But then, why wouldn’t they rescue her right away? Even if Mickey only discovered Aqua’s location at the end of coded, wouldn’t her rescue be a higher priority than the Mark of Mastery exam? It’s not like he doesn’t know how to get into the Realm of Darkness.
    • Unless Sora needed to take the exam first. Data-Naminé specifically said that Sora had to be the one to rescue them, so maybe Yen Sid decided that Sora wasn’t strong enough to rescue her until he took the exam?
    • But Sora failed the exam.
    [*]Why didn't Sora and Riku encounter Ansem the Wise and Aqua when they visited the Dark Margin at the end of KHII?
    [*]Why can Aqua summon Eraquis's Keyblade but not her own?
    [*]If there will always be a door to the light, why is Aqua trapped?
    • Even worse, if DiZ, Mickey, Riku, and Sora and Riku together have all escaped the Realm of Darkness, why can’t she? Riku even escaped directly into Castle Oblivion.
    [*]Will Sora and Riku recognize Aqua? Will Riku recognize Terra?
    • Signs currently point to yes. In 3D, Sora has a flashback of meeting Aqua, while Riku makes reference to Terra being the reason he wanted to leave Destiny Islands.
    [*]If Ventus's heart resides within Sora, will Sora lose the Keyblade when Ventus regains his heart?
    • At this point, Keyblade lore has gotten so weird, it’s hard to say just what might happen. It’s possible that Ven somehow performed an unusual Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony from inside Sora, giving him the ability on his own.
    • Also, while I’m a bit unclear on the lore around differing types of Keyblade, I think Sora’s Kingdom Key and Mickey’s Kingdom Key D may be a different type of Keyblade. It’s also possible that those two Keyblades are pieces of the χ-blade, one of light and one of darkness.
    [*]Does Mickey know about Sora's heart temporarily fusing with Ventus's?
    • As of the last we’ve heard about it, he says he’s “close” to finding out.
    [*]How much did Braig/Xigbar tell Xehanort/Xemnas about Master Xehanort and Terra?
    • Enough, apparently.
    [*]How did the other apprentices turn Ienzo over to their side?
    • Maybe he didn’t have a choice?
    • After the opening of Dream Drop, I’m thinking maybe none of them did.
    [*]What good does Ventus's heart do if nobody can find his body in the Chamber of Waking except Aqua?
    • Apparently, Mickey and Yen Sid already know where Aqua is, and therefore who is able to lead them to Ven’s body.
    [*]If Aqua created the Chamber of Waking, and Xehanort created the Chamber of Repose, why would they be they linked?
    • How does Xemnas even know the Chamber of Waking exists? How did he know to build the Chamber of Repose to look like it?
    [*]What the hell is up with the Chamber of Repose and Aqua's armor?
    • For that matter, why does Xemnas care about Terra's old friends? Why is he so desperate to find Ventus's body?
    • For that matter, how does Xemnas even know about Terra's old friends or whose armor Aqua's is?
    • Just whose voice did Xigbar hear speaking back to Xemnas? It can’t be Aqua, or she would have some idea what’s going on in the worlds before speaking to Ansem the Wise.
    [*]Other than Terra's lingering feelings, what does the Lingering Will consist of? Is it necessary to complete him? Does anybody know it’s there, other than Sora?
    • Apparently it's his armor and his soul. Which means that because Terra's soul is stuck in his armor, if his body ever did get free from Xehanort, he wouldn't become a Nobody because his body would be lacking a soul to direct his body in place of his heart. The Lingering Will is essentially Terra's Nobody.
    [*]Why the sudden interest in saving Terra and Ventus? It's been 11 years since the three met terrible fates. Why hasn't anybody cared about saving them until now?
    [*]Why can't Xemnas summon Master Xehanort's Keyblade? Why can't he pick up and use Aqua's? Why did he have to wait nine years for Sora to manifest as a Keybearer?
    • Even more annoying when Terra-Xehanort is perfectly capable of summoning Xehanort’s Keyblade.
    • Apparently, this ability is tied to his memory. Terra-Xehanort can’t summon Xehanort’s Keyblade until he regains Xehanort’s memories.
    [*]Apparently he did this deliberately. Which still leaves the huge question of “why”.[/list]
    [*]Why was Lea in such a hurry to return to Hollow Bastion after Kingdom Hearts 3D?
    • This may have something to do with Xehanort’s scribbling on the wall about the DTD (which Lea inspected before suddenly deciding to leave) and Lea’s sudden request to learn to wield a Keyblade. Lea wasn’t able to manifest a Keyblade until after Riku returned from rescuing Sora, and he hurried back to Hollow Bastion right after that.
    • If this is the case, what is it that Lea wants to use the Keyblade to unlock at Hollow Bastion? It’s not like he really needs the Keyblade to access the DTD in Space Paranoids, nor would it be particularly helpful to him for that. He has to need it for something else.
    • Perhaps he wanted the Keyblade to gain access to the Chamber of Repose?
  • Secret Fawful;834718 said:
    I can't wait til the Marvel level where Rocket Raccoon is your party member in KHIII.
    You're like a bad comedian.
  • Umm Guru correct me if I'm wrong here because I have not finished KH 3D but didn't one of the new Organization 13 Members say something like the nobodies did have hearts but in order for their plans to work they needed the members to believe that they did not have hearts?
  • GuruGuru214;834738 said:
    You're like a bad comedian.
    But I'm not joking.
  • ryannumber1gamer;834758 said:
    Umm Guru correct me if I'm wrong here because I have not finished KH 3D but didn't one of the new Organization 13 Members say something like the nobodies did have hearts but in order for their plans to work they needed the members to believe that they did not have hearts?
    Well, shit. I may have to go through that again.
    Secret Fawful;834761 said:
    But I'm not joking.
    Even if they do get Disney to grant them the Marvel properties, there's pretty much no way in hell they'll go with Guardians of the Galaxy and not Avengers.
  • Yep I was right. Here it is on the KH wiki. Skip to KH 3D Dream Drop Distance.
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