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CSI Super Pack

posted by Jennifer Moderator on - Viewed by 397 users
I've been meaning to get Hard Evidence for a while, so I decided to pick up the PC super pack with the first 4 CSI Las Vegas games. Even though I already own 3 Dimensions of Murder, I thought it would be interesting to get to 369 Interactive CSI games too and see the changes Telltale brought to the series.

I played a bit of the original CSI and I can really see that Telltale did bring a huge bunch of polish to the games. But, I must say, this pack is the weirdest bundle I've ever seen. It's just the 4 CSI discs in a spindle with no manual or any paperwork inside at all. I'm glad I only paid $7 including shipping on this, since at that price it's still worth it to me regardless.
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