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The lost world Jurassic park: The game

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When Jurassic Park the game is released and is a success, I want them to make The lost world Jurassic park the game. Anyone with suggestions such as Dinosaurs, plot, and ect. post them here.
Here's a list of Dinosaurs I'm suggesting.
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  • Would love a game that dealt with the hurricane on Site B and the evacuation of the island. Site B also opens up a great deal of creativity that telltale could do with the game design seeing as how they could stray from things in the movies. Really loved the sequoia look of TLW, hiding from a Rex or Carnotaurs in between the trees would be great. Really just bristling at the seam with ideas on how that game could be wonderful. Maybe also show some of the facilities they showed in the movies when they weren't all run down, or tie in the storyline from the book with Biosyn and Dodgson on the island as one last ditch effort since Isla Nublar went belly up.
  • good idea of Jurassic Park Europe, Hammond dies in the books before building if I remember, but in the movies is still alive,
    but also the story of the hurricane to Isla Sorna is beautiful to see dinosaurs and people taken away by the wind and more destruction.
    regarding the Italian climate in the Cretaceous was similar to that of the Bahamas, so at that time Italy was only islands and lagoons.
  • I think it would be cool to have a game about Jurassic Park Europe and Jurassic Park Japan actually. It's a cool thought. :)

    I actually heard of a JP3 video game Idea in the JPlegacy forums that involves JP Europe. Here's a Link:
  • JPTGfan wrote: »
    I actually heard of a JP3 video game Idea in the JPlegacy forums that involves JP Europe. Here's a Link:
    Someone needs to do a map of Jurassic Park Japan!
  • Lost world seems more like a survival horror to me, something more like Trespasser, but without the hideous bugs.

    Unless it was a prequel to Jurassic Park or a sequel when the hurricane hits and people have to evacuate and survive together then it seems more like a telltale job. I'd be a serious uphill struggle to get a Lost World game based on the films to work like what they've done brilliantly in this one.

    I'd say give the Lost World/Trespasser licence to 2K games (because Bioshock - com'on! Feels perfect love-match for a Trespasser type game), and keep these kind of games to Isa Nublar or Isla Sorna when the dinosaurs have only just started to invade human space. Instead of Humans invading Dinosaur space.
  • Someone needs to do a map of Jurassic Park Japan!

    Well here's a list of Dinosaurs I'm suggesting for JP Japan.
    Dsungaripterus (A Pterosaur)
  • mikey485 wrote: »
    no more jurassic park. More monkey island

  • mikey485 wrote: »
    the first game hasn't even come out yet. It may not be all that great

    your pessimism will cost you dearly my friend.
  • mikey485 wrote: »
    No more Jurassic Park. More Monkey Island
    Are they mutually exclusive?
  • all except Carnotaurus and Albertosaurus.
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