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  • Pretty sick. Looking forward to the trophy for dying of an STD (/overused LSL joke).

    About time that a franchise from the alpha dog of classic adventure games (Sierra) came back to show us how it's done.
  • Awesome. Anything that's good news for adventure games is good news for me.

    Also, I'd just like to mention that Leisure Suit Larry isn't the only classic adventure series that could benefit from an HD remake. The fact that I'm posting this on the forum for the company that's bringing back King's Quest may or may not be related. ;)
  • Holy crap...I am surprised, shocked, and amazed by this. This is FANTASTIC!

    If these sell like hotcakes I can die happy with a brand new title of Larry from Al. :)
  • So happy... I think the art looks... OK... but I am really pleased that its getting released on multiple platforms... I really hope it does well so they do more.
  • After all of the years waiting, Al lowe finally does something for the video games again? Now thats one way to celebrate Columbus day. This outta be interesting to say the least.
  • Looks great! LSL is badly in need of a remake, where I don't have to guess what a 3-pixel item is supposed to be (a particular annoyance I remember).
  • This news is amazing! I was afraid Leisure Suit Larry was gonna rot in a watery grave!

    I'm particulary thrilled about new installments in the series being made, if the remakes sell. I'd love for them to take some design aspects from Love for Sail, and improve upon them.

    Damn, this is great news!
    I'm really looking forward to playing part 4 in HD!
  • If these sell well enough, is there the chance of Lust in Space FINALLY getting made then?
  • This is great news indeed! I've played these since the time of the original text adventures, can't wait to see the remakes!
  • I'm especially looking forward to the new games! But I'd love a HD remake of part 7 too. That game is one of my favorite Adventure Games from all time, so I'd love to see all the (gorgeous) art in HD and with more colours!
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