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    they are going to deliver a great game based on what?

    THE GAME WAS ALREADY WRITTEN! LOL. They aren't making a new game here buddy. They are simply redrawing an old one and adding one section to it.

    You seem to think i want the game to fail. I don't. But my comments are based on how long it has taken them to actually come up with those backgrounds.

    You are a delusional person who seems to think that anyone who disagrees with you must want civilization itself to crumble. You can't differentiate between a cautious criticism of a game and irrational posts.

    The simple fact is that logo looks horrible above. So I was making a JOKE based on the fact that if the same person who designed that logo had to design the new girl, it would look something like that. IT IS A JOKE. Jesus buddy. Why don't you go back to demanding that people tell you the status on projects and telling people to put tinmelines together for your non-google using self.
  • They should have just got Mr.I here to design the whole game. His Larry looked better anyway. Oh well, I'm sure the game will be... okay.
  • I would be very interested in seeing if having the original Larry games in circulation again will affect the sales of the remake.
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    Stop for a moment and consider game remakes as a "genre". Now, are there any that come to mind where people liked them better than the original?

    I mean... we have mostly all played the original LSL here, right? We know what to expect. We know the puzzles. We know the jokes. So many of us will go into the game with two things on our minds.

    1: How does this compare to original?
    2: Does the new content fit in the game?

    The rules of nostalgia dictate that the older game goes into the comparison with a distinct advantage.

    That said, I have *never* heard anyone play a remake and call it "an amazing game". It has to fight the up hill battle of familiarity (how amazing can a game be that you have already played before) and nostalgia (the game has to be different enough to be a remake without being so different it alienates the original fans).

    I'm not sure that I would believe that sales of the old games would affect the remake. When VU first released the packs of remakes, the informal stats I saw where that sales were predominately driven by people who had played them before, and wanted to play them again on modern systems, but either lacked the knowledge of setting up dosbox, no longer had the games, or just hadn't cared enough to look into it before seeing a packaged version on the shelf.

    personally, I did not run across any forum posts or conversations where someone said they had just discovered these games due to them being available again... although I am sure there were some of them out there, I do believe it was a minority of the overall purchases.

    Also, I'm not sure how many gog users aren't familiar with these older games.... when the basis of what you sell is old games, your primary consumer base is going to be people who enjoy older games. I tend to wonder how many people stumbled across gog, and then stumbled across larry, and then said - sure, I'll give that a shot.
  • Darth Marsden;768541 said:
    Yeah, sorry. Can't find a smaller version.
    1) Right click image.
    2) "Save Image As..."
    3) Run MSPAINT.EXE
    4) Resize width to 800 pixels or less
    5) Press Ctrl+S. (save)
    6) Upload to Imgur.com
    7) Insert Imgur's link on post.

    Easy. Simple. Takes less than 2 minutes.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I changed the picture size up there... may Darth forgive me.
  • Anyway, I gave money toward LSL, SpaceVenture and Jane Jensen's game, as well has pre-ordered The Double Fine Adventure ( though didn't fund the DFA KS), but I don't read any of the updates.

    I have half a mind to figure out how to tell Kickstarter to stop emailing them to me. I just have other things on my mind, and am content to let the developers make their product as they wish.

    The truth is that I'd probably get more info from these forums than from there. It's the same with the Steam and GOG threads, as I don't check Steam/GOG every day, but I do check here every day.
  • flesk;768538 said:
    It's awfully large.
    Secret Fawful;768548 said:
    And awfully red.
    I could see these lines being spoken in a Larry game. ;)

    I think the background art looks pretty nice. It has a certain charm to it. Not overly polished or too perfect. I think it fits the style nicely.
  • Vainamoinen;768624 said:
    I changed the picture size up there... may Darth forgive me.
    It's cool. I'd have done it myself if I'd had the time earlier.

    I'm in the same camp as Chyron about the updates... Only thing is, I've backed SO many projects I get at least one email a day. And practically none of them interest me. Oh well.
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