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  • Probably just ignore them, which would be easy as proper Larry isn't the main character in those games.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    corruptbiggins;791144 said:
    [QUOTE=Gibbeynator;791118]I wonder how they're going to reconcile Larry 8 with the 3D Larry games. Maybe have them all be a horrible dream Larry was having while being probed by the aliens.
    Probably just ignore them, which would be easy as proper Larry isn't the main character in those games.[/QUOTE]
    Exactly. Those games star his nephew Larry Loveage, and Larry Laffer was barely in those games (and, even when he was he was never the protaganist). There's no real reason why they have to even talk about those events in Larry 8, since Larry Laffer's experience in those games is basically just visiting his nephew on his time off between his own adventures.

    If they want to tie the two series together, they might have Larry mention his nephew in passing. But, there's really no reason that they need to do that.
  • Jennifer;791226 said:
    If they want to tie the two series together, they might have Larry mention his nephew in passing. But, there's really no reason that they need to do that.
    And, having played both 3D games, no reason to want to either.

    EDIT: According to the latest Kickstarter update, the LSL1 Beta should be out on May 6th.
  • Leisure Suit Larry Cover Box Art (e-tailer) contest:

    Please help spread the word (on Twitter, online forums, etc.) to all the talented artists out there. This is your chance to maybe contribute to some of the official online promotion for the awesome new Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded game. Let's give Larry's big comeback the kind of epic, slick or otherwise memorable cover art it deserves. I know there are some excellent artists out there in the adventure game community.

    DEADLINE: MAY 8, 2013

    from Josh Mandel's latest game update:
    We’ve been sending the Collector’s Box art to various e-tailers who, although selling only a non-boxed digital version of the game, like to – or insist on – a mocked-up box for their websites. Since a lot of people have seen the Collector’s Box art and thought we shouldn’t be using it for marketing purposes, we’re going to start a contest (today or tomorrow) for all aspiring commercial artists. Details for the contest can – or shortly will be – available on the Replay forums, https://forums.replaygamesinc.com/ There will be a separate subforum just for this contest; there, you’ll be able to find the exact rules, and you’re free to post your submissions on the forum for critique (although official entries will need to be sent directly to Replay per the rules you’ll find on the Contest subforum).
    Official rules:

    1. The dimensions of the front of the mock box should be 10.25 x 8.75. The top and left side should also be visible. Four separate files should be sent in PSD or other high-res format:
    a. Complete 3-D Box mock-up;
    b. Front of the box;
    c. Side of the box;
    d. Top flap of the box
    2. Please include contact information with each entry.
    3. All submissions must be sent to [email]cs@replaygamesinc.com[/email] by midnight on 5/8/2013 to qualify.
    4. The decisions of the judges are final.
    5. The winner will be awarded a special credit in the game AND will have a choice of having either Al Lowe or Josh Mandel record the greeting on the winner's answering machine or voicemail. No further prizes will be awarded.
    6. We can not guarantee that the winning entry will be used on any/all particular e-tailer websites. However, the prizes will be awarded independent of whether and how much the winning entry is used.
    7. All entries become the sole property of Replay Games, Inc.
    8. All artists are encouraged to sign their work!
    SOME BACKGROUND: A Replay Games forum thread discussing the collector's edition box art, where some people express concerns about that art and other art being used to promote Larry Reloaded online:
    (a good read)
  • Larry 8 might actually happen then. Hell yes. :D
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    Jennifer Moderator
    The Larry Reloaded beta is now coming May 13th, and they're aiming for a May 31st date for the release of the final!

    Apparently, the beta is the nearly finished product (everything's in place, including all the recorded lines of dialog), and the release is meant to find the last remaining bugs (and to give the higher tiers their promised beta reward of course ;)).

    The alpha already was pretty promising, and I honestly didn't expect that the beta would be pretty much the finished product, but it's great that it is. Now I really can't wait to play the beta. :D Plus the news that the beta is so closed to finished, meaning the final is finally coming out really soon is great news as well. :)
  • I hope the soundtrack to this gets released a couple of days after the release of the game. That would rule. Not to mention it would be a great add to my jazz collection. :)
  • For those interested, the winner of the box cover art contest was announced.

    Here it is, by artist Tom King:

    Personally, I think it looks cheap and babyish. Like a "Muppet Babies" version of the Larry character. Apparently this artist worked on the collector's box that many hated and thought wasn't up to the standard of being able to be used for online marketing. Hmmm.

    Here is another entry posted on their forum, from someone with screen name TAHR:
    This one looks so much more professional to me. But perhaps they felt bad for the other artist getting his other work so badly rejected the first time. Still, seems like they ended up not choosing the best box art, for reasons only they can answer.

    Nevertheless, the game itself is looking great!
  • I hope these remakes are going to be super 80s.
  • I haven't been to those forums for a while but didn't Irishmile contribute anything? I'd imagine anything made by him would look a lot better than the winning entry.
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