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Tried to cancel Jurassic Park pre-order

posted by Lon Lau on - last edited - Viewed by 339 users
I want to cancel my pre-order of Jurassic Park. I mailed Telltale support but have received no response. What? Isn't there any easy way to do this?

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  • All Jurassic Park pre-orders were canceled back on April 25th. I don't think its been possible to order since...

    Here is a link to the blog posting:
  • I have mailed Telltale support 3 times and they still have not answered nor cancelled my pre-order of Jurassic Park as was requested (3 times!).
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    DjNDB Moderator
    CalaveraLA's post got stuck in the Forums Spam Filter. I just approved it, and hope it is helpful.
  • Lon, Amy emailed you a while ago, and I've answered two of your emails since last week. Please check your spam folder. Your order was automatically canceled and refunded back in April.
  • OK, I think I might have made a little mistake. I was looking in "my telltale" and under "your purchases" and Jurassic Park was still there. I think I've mistaken that for meaning it was still ordered while it's just a list of things ordered. Am I right?

    OK, so sorry for the confusion.

    About the spam filters, I guess all the mails must have been stuck there because I haven't received any of the replies. How annoying.

    Anyway, guess problem solved. Thanks.
  • No problem. I double checked your order to confirm, and it was definitely canceled.

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