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Favourite Badge of Carnage Episode

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Now that they are all released and there has been time to let them soak, which is your favourite Badge of Carnage episode?

They were all great but I'm voting for episode 2. It was for me the episode that came together the best.
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  • Third was perfect for me best pased best puzzles and some of the best jokes.
  • Definitely the first one. The only one with at least some puzzles.

    The other two were terrible. Really dissapointed.
  • You probably skipped a lot of the story then. The second episode had a lot more puzzles than the first one. There are some major bugs in the last two games though, I'll give you that.
  • Nope, i did that also (although now that you point that out, that seems like a big design error)

    The two last episodes are indeed bigger, and maybe they have in quantity more "puzzles", but if your inventory is always one item at a time, to use in the next location you visit, and you always know what you have to do all the fricking time, without a minimum of exploration, then it really doesn't matter how many "puzzles", locations, hours of gameplay you toss in there.
    A straight line will always be a straight line.
  • I agree with coolsome. I was a little worried, based on the puzzles and humor of the first two episodes, but episode three proved to be the standout of the series.
  • I'm glad I didn't waste money on this game. From what I've seen the entertainment value is extremely low and puzzles are way too easy.
  • Well the entertainment value is subjective. It is extremely crass and vulgar but also extremely funny if you can look past that. Humour wise it is on par with something like South Park, where it is very shocking but it also makes you laugh, a lot.

    Difficulty-wise the game makes you think but the puzzles are always logical in the context of the world. I never got stuck during any of the episodes but I wouldn't say it's a pushover, it's just never cheap.
  • Ep: 3 wins because of the Leprachaun

    "Got to touch me nuts fer luck"

    It also was a great conclusion to the season
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