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ios5 crashing - any update?

posted by mjdalways on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
Puzzle Agent crashes on ios 5 - it's been over a week - I saw a thread that said you are aware of it, but no update - can you tell me is it going to be soon (a few days, a week, a month) ?

I've paid for the app but cant use it and its a little frustrating.

Thanks for any update.......
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  • Really, no replies from anyone? 209 views - likely quite a few people with the same problem.

    With Jurassic Park people preorder, you change the date - give them a full refund and a voucher to get the game for free - they arent even really inconvienced.

    I spent $5 on a game almost 2 weeks ago and it still doesnt work, I dont know when it will work, or even if it will work, and I dont even get an apology or any indication of when it might be solved?

    Sorry Telltale, I'm not buying another game and I'm not recommending you to anyone - and I think I'll go rate this game that I cant play at Apple - pity I cant give it zero or less stars......

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Looking into this.

    Also, did you write in to [email][/email]?

    I'm not a support or web guy so I don't really know the state of this stuff, but those guys definitely do.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    An iOS 5 fix is in the works! Sorry there wasn't an official update on the site here. If you check out the game in the iTunes store, there's a note at the top saying we're in progress on fixing it.
  • Yes, I saw the note (after I bought it) so its been there at least a week - but no other word?

    Just to reiterate, iOS5 was a MAJOR release for Apple, many people upgraded because the feature set was compelling. It was provided in various beta formats to all its developer partners. Many people produced patches (or at least tested) their applications. Some broke a little more after release (last minute changes to iOS5 I assume) but nothing major - and patches were released with a few days or a week.

    Despite all this Telltale didnt even test it prior to release? Didnt notice that it didnt work? Was so unprepared that not only did it crash but it crashed so bad that it still hasnt been fixed a week later - either lack of people, lack of priority or just general lack of care for this product.

    Its an older product, theres a new version that does work - but I'm not going to buy the sequel until I play the first version. I had the second version and the hector games sitting on my wishlist. Almost bought them all at the same time - glad I didnt because the lack of forethought, priority or care that led to this still being an issue makes me never want to give you anymore of my hard earned money.

    You still need to fix it, I still bought and paid for it - and I expect it to work. I'm not asking for better graphics, different puzzles, a different colored hat - I just want it to run and work and allow me to play it. I paid for that and right now that doesnt work.

    I bought many Telltale PC games in the past (all the sam and max, the monkey island) - I even got some free ones - I like telltale - I wanted to buy their games - they treated me well in the past - but this stinks - and I am confused how it even got to this point and why we still dont have a working version.

    I emailed support - I expect the same generic "We're looking into it" answer that doesnt answer my questions above about when its going to be fixed or why it happened.

    When its fixed I'll play the game I paid for, and then I guess I'll live without sam and max and the fables and whatever else licenses you guys use.

    It's sad, but I dont feel like rewarding poor planning or poor support with my patronage anymore.
  • For anyone else interested in this, I received the following reply from support:

    "I apologize for the inconvenience. An update for the iOS5 issue is currently under review with Apple and we expect it to hit the App Store very soon."

    So no longer in Telltale's hands, and hopefully available shortly...
  • Yup have the same crash. Will keep an eye on the App Store...
  • Any further updates? I, too, have been waiting ever since iOS 5 came out!

    Has Apple rejected the update? Has it really been submitted? I'd love to finish Puzzle Agent on my iPhone before I even consider getting Puzzle Agent 2.
  • Frustrated! Just bought Puzzle Agent after their Black Friday deal, and it crashes and doesn't want to open. However, Puzzle Agent 2 seems to be okay.
    Has there been an update. I want to play them in sequence!
  • The patch for this was released to Apple yesterday. It's in their hands now so I can't give an exact release time for it, but we expect it to be hitting the App Store very soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • So it was a lie when you said on 10/25 that it had been already submitted to Apple? Or did they reject it and you have to resubmit, in which case wouldnt it have been good customer service to update us on this?
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