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Batman General Discussion Thread

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With Batman Arkham City coming out yesterday (uk) and the 18th of October (usa) and with me finishing it yesterday i throught it would be cool to open a batman thread so go ahead and say anything you want about batman you can talk about the games comics movies anything batman you can even make reviews of it ill start

Review of Batman Arkham Asylum

Story - The Joker breaks out of arkham and lets Batman capture him and bring him back but as Batman thinks it was too easy and thinks Joker is up to something he is proven Right as Joker takes control of arkham and kills many guards unleashes all of the inmates with the help of Harley Quinn and the inmates being killer choc Scarecrow and more of the villians from batmans past and with the pain of the riddler who makes batman solve all his riddles..its gonna be one big night for the dark knight

Gameplay - just belive me this is one of the best comic book games and it feels like you really are the dark knight as you fight,do puzzles and solve riddles it is really good gameplay

Overall - it is one of the best batman games if not one of the best comic book games made and if you can i would say ether get it along with the sequel Arkham City or if you can find it just get it so Batman Arkham Asylum gets a 9.0
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  • That works better, just needs an extra click.

    Cool looking wallpaper. And the idea behind it is very cool too.
  • You know after seeing that wallpaper i think Joker and Riddler are good (Riddler looks like how he does in Arkham City) but Harley looks wrong for some reason. Then i got thinking what is the best version of Harley. So what do you guys think is best? Batman TAS, The Batman, Batman Arkham Asylum/Batman Arkham City. I like her the best in Batman TAS because she is like The Joker. Her design is good,She has moments where she scares even Joker and personally the episode Mad Love is one of Batman TAS' greatest episodes and is just another reason why i think she is the best Harley.

    Well we might as well look at Joker as well. So which version of Joker is better? Batman 1889,The Dark Knight,The Batman, Batman of the Future/Batman Beyond,Batman TAS, Batman Arkham Asylum/Arkham City (I put these 2 together because unlike Harley, Joker does not got a new design or anything) Personally i can't decide between The Batman's Joker and Batman TAS/Batman Arkham Series. The Batman's Joker sounds great and does Joker's crazy personally well and Vampire Joker from The Batman Vs Dracula is pretty good as well. Joker is even more crazy as a vampire as he tries to destroy Batman with almost no jokes when Batman tried to stop him from stealing from the blood bank. When Vampire Joker is captured, he does start calling Batman like he usually does by saying ''Bats'' but he still is a little more crazy as a Vampire. Also his design is good just not as good as Batman TAS.

    Speaking of Batman TAS, I like the design of this Joker and of course Mark Hamill as the voice of Joker is just epic. I like how he acts in it. He always jokes around but there's always some kind of threat from him but he does have his funny moments when he's doing something evil like in Christmas With the Joker where he kidnaps Gordon and other people and hosts a Christmas special and Batman & Robin must save them before the end of the Christmas Special. Also the way Joker escapes at the start of the episode is very funny. Overall i would say it's a tie between them both.
  • To me? My favorite Batman/Joker/Harley are the Animated versions, with the Arkham versions right behind(mainly because I see the Arkham versions as being almost like the Animated, continued)
  • I think both Harley and Joker are two characters that can be just as good in one interpretation as any other. Joker is extremely flexible because he can be used psychologically, comedic, dark, light, and any other mood or form you need him in. And with good writing he'll always be the best in the story. He's such a good character stories basically revolve around him.

    Harley is even more flexible. She can be used all the ways Joker can but she can also go from being a good guy to being a bad guy and vice versa at any time. She has this part of her that wants to do good and it's only when Joker comes back into play that she is back to evil. She can refuse him, though. She does in The Death of a doesn't work out very well for her though.

    Rather Dashing pointed something out to me I never thought of before. My whole life I always had a massive crush on Harley and thought she was extremely attractive as a character. I saw her superficially and though...she's cute, she's smart, she's deadly, she's playful, etc. and that was appealing.

    I'm a complete asshole for ever thinking Harley is attractive. Not just an asshole, but a sick digusting pile of shit too. Dashing didn't point that out, but he did point out that Harley is basically a psychological rape victim. She's broken, she's beaten, she's demented because of Joker's mind games, and she's struggling to repair her mind only for him to continuously come back and destroy her mentally again and again. To sexualize and find attractive a character who is a symbol for and embodiment of that sickness and abuse is disgusting. And that's what Harley is. Joker and Harley's relationship is a give and take one. Harley gives and Joker takes. And her stories are best when they recognize this. The Animated Series was actually pretty bold to introduce a character like this and keep her that way. That's why Joker will never give her love, and he'll never give her family. Even when Joker gives her a child in the form of Tim Drake, it's a sick perverted spin on the entire concept. He gives her a child that is brainwashed, tortured, driven mad, will never love her or him, and isn't even their dna. And she defends it.
  • You're right, Harley is a very broken character. Just in the animated series they show the depths of madness that go through that relationship. There were many times where she did turn on her puddin because of something he said or did. The trial episode was a minor one, the episode where Joker was going to blow up Gotham was another, and she was almost ready to give up on him in "Mad Love" until she saw the Get Well Soon from him. I've never seen Harley as inherently evil. Insane? Oh yeah. There's no doubts about that. But I don't think she's evil. She's just overly devoted to the Joker, and about the only times she's NOT with him, she's with her other partner(in every meaning of the word), Poison Ivy. Part of it, I think, comes from the line she had when she was first starting at Arkham Asylum. "I've always had a thing for extreme personalities. You can't deny there's an element of glamour to these super criminals." The Joker played her hard. Whether there's any true feelings from the Joker is up for debate, though I think that can be attributed to his ever changing moods. Sometimes, yes, I believe the Joker DOES care, and even misses her when she's not around, often forgetting(Such as in "Harley and Ivy") that he's the reason she's gone. Sometimes he just needs his henchwoman. Basically it comes down to one sad truth. Harley's devotion to the Joker is absolute, but his devotion depends on the time of day.

    Heck, this is even shown a bit in the most recent trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us where it seems the Joker was about to stab Harley when Lex Luthor, of all people, saved her by zapping the Joker.
  • Last week Time Warner held a call to investors.

    It's very boring, so I'll just quote the most interesting bit:
    And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013.
  • Last week Time Warner held a call to investors.

    It's very boring, so I'll just quote the most interesting bit:

    I hope I'll be able to play that one. I still can't play more than 10 minutes of Arkham City before the game crashes and only a hard reset fixes the machine.
    That was 15 euro's well spent... :(
  • I hope it'll be good, and if there's more than one playable character, someone other than Catwoman. Hell, I wouldn't mind playing as Batgirl, whichever one they decide iss around at the time. Probably not Babs since the Arkham games have Oracle, but Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain wouldn't be bad.
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