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Amazing One Man Game! Stasis...

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Hey guys. First I wanna say that Im a massive fan of Telltales games! I would love for you guys to come up with an original IP-but thats for another thread. :D

I've been following this game for a while:

“Daddy, please help us…”
Disoriented, drowsy, and in pain, John Maracheck opens his eyes. Nothing greets him, but the static of a nearby monitor, and a cold steel floor. Thick green liquid covers the floor and his body, leading to a nearby, steaming stasis-pod. He slowly gets to his feet, trying to take in his surroundings. Where is his wife? His daughter? What the hell is going on….?

What is STASIS?

Stasis is an adventure game, that puts you in control of John Maracheck. a man searching for his family, in a seemingly abandoned research facility. Going back to classic adventure game mechanics, you have to solve puzzles, and use objects around you to progress, and to find Marachecks family.
Graphically, Stasis is fairly unique in the adventure game genre, opting for highly detailed isometric graphics, as opposed to the more classic ‘side on’ views of other adventure games. Richly detailed rooms and fluid animations create an immersive environment for the player to explore, with danger lurking in every shadow.
The stasis-plug suit gives you direct access to an Emergency Medical Kit. A piece of equipment that has the ability to break down any object of a certain weight and size into its base elements, and store it for future use. While normally it is used to store small medical supplies, Maracheck uses it as an easy way to keep and transport found objects. Objects can be stored, accessed, combined, and brought back into the ‘real’ world at any moment.
At its core, Stasis is a story about an ordinary man, in an extraordinary situation.
Trapped in a place where humanities horrors come out to play, how far would you go to protect your family?

Welcome to The Groomlake. We know you will enjoy your stay.

An awesome video of the first 5 minutes.


His blog is also really cool, and has some good discussions and ideas about adventure games. :)

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