Jurassic Park Order Issue

I pre-ordered Jurassic Park when it was first available and when the refunds were being handed out, I requested to support that my order be held [issue-47617]. When I followed up with support, my request was fulfilled and my order was marked as held until the pre-orders opened again [issue-51372].

Now that the game is available once more, I was wondering what I would do to order the deluxe edition and how much I owe on said order?


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    I can cancel that order and PM you a voucher that will bring the price on the Deluxe Edition down to $5, plus shipping and handling charges. Let me know if you want me to do that.
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    That seems incredibly generous of you. If possible, bump it down to $10 (so I don't feel like I'm completely robbing Telltale) and we have ourselves a deal. :P
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