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Happy Halloween!

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It is now ghosts and demons time.

To you, the reader, best beware, of ghosts and demons, everywhere.
All kinds of sizes, short and tall, fat and skinny, big and small.
But don't worry, or run away, ghosts and demons just want to play.
To play they need a boy and girl, so these new friends can join this world.
To invite them over, say this line: It is ghosts and demons time.
But first practice and rehearse, for you must say it in reverse.
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  • I'm not a big fan of Halloween
    Dealing with those whose eyes gleam
    Who desire nothing more than candy
    And care not for my own plans
    And so I end up once again
    Disturbed from my gaming den
    To answer the door to 'trick or treat!'
    And being forced to give up sweets.
    And if I refuse this banal call?
    A grinch I become to one and all!
    All because my only desire
    Is staying warm besides the fire
    All my sweets are mine alone
    "Except on this one day", they moan
    "Can't you get in the holiday spirit?"
    No I cry, I do despise it!
    Answering the frequent call
    Of young children at the door
    I hate you every other day
    Why must I change today?
    "But it's fun!" I hear them cry
    For you maybe, but not I!
    I crave simple peace and quiet
    Something lacking in these nights
    And worse still is yet to come
    For once this day has been and gone
    No reason is there to delay
    With Christmas stock to display
    And the music plays around the clock
    As into my mouth I put a Glock
    So yes, I suppose I am a Grinch,
    A heartless creature of urban myth
    Here to steal your happiness
    To ensure my days are bliss
    For all I want is some brief respite
    And none is found on this dear night
    Wherever I go, whatever I do,
    I always end up feeling doomed
    And that is why I hate Hallow's Eve,
    The children with their constant pleas
    I care not if it's Halloween
    Now go away, and leave me in peace.
  • Oh wicked day oh wicked curse
    I say this line now in reverse
    "Time Demons and Ghost It Is"

    Now time to escape coming kids
    Who prance before my household door
    Like every year before

    Instead I fly to places untold
    Where great libations may unfold
    To escape mankind's oldest enemy
    The foul demon known as sobriety
  • I'm eating a dip dab.

    lolly + sherbert = genius!

  • It is a day just like all the rest,
    but at night it is the best.
    For when you see when it becomes night
    It is time for the night of fright.
    The children come as ghosts and ghouls
    Hoping to get candy to fill multiple pools
    but you see the problem with I
    is when come to my house they die
    and I bake them into a delicious pie.

    How's that?
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