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Why did the "chat with the creators of the game" never happened?

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I already posted this is the Hector preorder forum, but since nobody bothered to ever reply, I'm posting it here, just in case nobody reads that forum anymore.

04/20/2011, 08:08 pm
Alan Johnson;487958 said:
Hey everyone! If you're here you pre-ordered the first episode of Detective Inspector Hector's adventures, so thanks!

This is the spot to talk all things Hector while the buggers out in the wilds of the rest of the forum don't even know what's going on!

05/13/2011, 09:50 pm
OMA;503447 said:
Well, I thought the spot to talk all things Hector was this forum.

Ok, so what's so special about this "insider" forum?
I haven't seen anything in weeks.
10/13/2011, 01:45 am
OMA;548809 said:
Well, scrap that. I haven't seen anything in months! Not even in a whole season!!

The whole of the summer has passed. We're in October 13th and the last post in this "special" forum was my own post sent back in May 13th, FIVE whole months before! (see post above)

So where's this "chat with the creators of the game and more"?

This forum is a pretty poor preorder perk if the only thing you get is a single coupon for the TTG store that expired just a few days after the forum was opened, anyway. Some people couldn't even use it, me included, since the forum took several days (and several mails to support) to be activated after purchase, and then it was over
(see this post).

Not that I'm interested in anything from the TTG store anymore. But it would have been nice to have, you know, what was advertised in the first place ;) Why didn't the creators of the game ever drop here?
I hope it's okay to post this from the other "private" forum, but as you can see, it doesn't contain any special info (neither does the rest of that forum :rolleyes:).
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