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Do you prefer the show's humor, or the games'?

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I've watched a number of the SnM animated series on Gametap, at first inspired by the game episodes, but after a few episodes I slowly realized I wasn't laughing. The show seemed to be more about wierdness and deus-ex-machina solutions to problems than about actual jokes. Even with the relative unlikelihood of someone hearing a particular line, I think more attention to humor was made in the games, where often I curse myself for not turning on Fraps before playing the episode. (there are so many great lines I need to record from the recent episodes)
Comments? Rebuttals?
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  • Yeah, the comic and game definitely trump the cartoon in the humour stakes.

    That said, the cartoon was made for kids though, so it had to be watered down. The part in Bad Day on the Moon where Max steps on the cockroach and it says something which basically tells the kids watching "I'm in humorous pain but I'm still alive!" really made me wince. In the comic, Max just wipes it up with a tissue, which I thought was a bit more funny.
  • The cartoon is less serious and less funny as a result, but it's still enjoyable in it's own right. :) You just kinda have to pretend you're a kid again.
  • Am I the only one who LOVED the animated series to death?
  • I think that in order to appreciate the animated show, you have to watch it with the expectations you would have for a kid's show (which it is), and not with the great expectations that we have for the games and comics. I think the reason that some of us don't like the animated show is because it's directed towards kids, and Sam & Max just isn't as funny when it doesn't have more edgy humor.
  • I agree. The animated series sings a different tune from the other Sam & Max incarnations, but it's enjoyable and well-made in its own right. It's dynamic and action-packed, deliciously absurd and willing to parody absolutely everything: the hallmarks of a cartoon classic. The combination of uniquely absurd and occasionally edgy humor with plenty of gratuitous violence reminds me most of Eek! the cat, a show which I absolutely loved back in the day.
  • oh, right. It was one of the the beavers he wore :)
  • Yeah, in some ways the animated series just didn't make any sense - I mean crushing your internal organs into your head to avoid death? Imagine spiderman dodging a bullet by opening a hole in his chest to let it through.
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