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Puzzle Agent 3?

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I just finished playing PA 2, and I was blown away. I just felt that there was more story to tell afterwards. So should they do it?
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  • xbskid wrote: »
    Space Wolf was obvious, but I don't recall a Forest Electric reference; where was it?

    Forgive me, because it has been months since I've played it, but if I remember correctly in this room there's some kind of sound device that plays the tune the duck whistles in We Sing The Forest Electric.

  • I would play this on day one.
  • I'd definitely go for a third. Though I'd love if they could make it twice as long. The only thing bad (and kind of good for hype) is that I'm finished with the game a bit too quickly. And then there's the wait for perhaps another Puzzle Agent. What was cool was that PA2 actually was able to release on multiple platforms a lot faster. Still, with the brevity of the PA games, so far, they have not even begun to outstay their welcome. Bring on more, I say.
  • The idea was to make a new case on each game, but it seems that many people wanted a conclusion to the Scoggins story, that's why they did Puzzle Agent 2.

    I totally see new games with new misteries, I loved Puzzle Agent 1 (the second wasn't bad but it was like an expansion of the first games, with no much new places or characters.
  • I want to see something like Fargo. This game really reminded me of it.
  • The Fargo nod is kind of obvious, isn't it?
  • We need another Puzzle Agent game. With a new mystery. I do have some hope considering the first was released June '10 and the second was released June '11.
  • I loved Puzzle agent 1 and 2 and I too would love to buy and play puzzle agent 3, and who knows, 4. (what about them having some lovely little sleuthing kids, telltale?).

    This series has such a great combination of wierdness, comedy and great puzzling. I love the way tellltale does that - they have their traditional games, like the lovely sam and max and then the strange ones like puzzleagent and hector. I thank you telltale, for giving me variety.
  • Screw the Scoggins thing. Try something new, like a different mystery.
  • I probably would have preferred it if the Hidden People arc had just been left after the first game, to preserve the sense of complete mystery; believe me, the way they wrapped it up was a damn good one, and I loved the whole story regarding the astronauts, the lunar ray and - of course - the sasquatch, but it did slightly ruin the 'dumbfounded' effect the first game had on me. So the "new game, new mystery" idea sounds good to me.

    It's also worth noting that Grickle had invented the Hidden People before Puzzle Agent came out, meaning they're not afraid to experiment with their current characters and have therefore got A LOT of source material to use (here's hoping that Principal Skeleton does play a part in the next one).

    Personally, I'd like to see more of the eerie 'Madness' that undoubtedly comprises the majority of Grickle's short videos, and that we briefly saw in the first game. There's just something about it that genuinely creeps me out, quite a lot, even if it is portrayed through hectic monkey noises. Of course, explaining it fully like with the Hidden People might ruin the effect, but if they could make a game or two centred around it that left you in the same complete suspense present at the end of the first game then that would be great :D
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