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The Original Ending to JP?

posted by Romeosierra616 on - last edited - Viewed by 910 users
Has anybody else wished that good 'ol Steven Spielberg had finished the original ending for Jurassic Park before going with the T-Rex rescue?

so at least we could have gotten a deleted scene or pictures at least?

I know it's kinda anti-climactic(not as depressing as the Novel ending though lol), but I would have loved to see it anyway :(
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  • It was a cool idea. But i much prefer the ending the film has now. I do like the novels ending too though.
  • Don't get me wrong, the T-rex ending was the RIGHT choice for the film no doubt, but Hammond blowing away the last Raptor with a shotgun? Hammond is the MAN!
  • The ending they went with works a lot better for the film conclusion. The original ending worked great in the book, but reading something on paper and seeing it on the screen are two very different experiences. The movie ending is a lot more visually stunning, action-packed and climatic.

    It would have been cool to see though, if it had been filmed and then included as a bonus feature. I'd always wished they'd filmed the scene of Lex and the baby triceratops too. But Spielberg was very cafeful and deliberate in deciding what scenes to cut before time and effort and money was spent to film them.
  • It was kinda ironic the dinosaur the very Rex that ahd been trying to eat them the whole movie came in and saved their butts at the last moment,perhaps it showed that showing the respect to a force of nature in the end had its benefits.

    The movie ending was nothing short of awesome goodness,im also glad they didnt show or even mention the island getting bombed,just kinda leaving the dinosaurs there to have nature find its way
  • As long as they kept the "looking for the eggs" scene out. That's where the novel kind of drags. Needless danger and no one reading really cared since it was near the end and you knew none of the main characters were going to die there. What's my point? They chose the right parts of the book to include and the right parts to omit.
  • it always bothered me that the tyrannosaurus, after attacking the explorers, was like a ninja. after putting so much emphasis on the impact tremors, he's able to sneak up on the gallimimus and then on the raptors without as much as a sound. it always struck me as mildly unbelievable.
  • He's talking about the fact that when we first see the rex we here BOOM BOOM BOOM! But when he shows up at the end he shows up all Ninja style by us not hearing him coming. Although, with two raptors chasing you down you wouldn't really be noticing the sounds of footsteps or slight tremors because your running for your life.

    Johro, good point on that raptor cave. I was thinking the same thing when I read it again recently. It seemed like a very unnecessary risk taken for no other reason then to satisfy their own curiosity. I don't even think they brought weapons.
  • I mean, what's this original ending?
  • waroftheworlds01;555366 said:
    Although, with two raptors chasing you down you wouldn't really be noticing the sounds of footsteps or slight tremors because your running for your life.
    the prey (grant, ellie, and the kids) may not have noticed him, but the predator who could potentially become the prey (the raptors) certainly would have. either way, to have the tremors in the scene, even if focus wasn't shifted to them, would have been good for the sake of consistency, even if they were softer and less frequent, like what one would imagine slowly, softly, sneakily stalking tyrannosaurus to sound like.
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