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The Goodwill Thread - Gift Your Games (50+ Post Count required)

posted by divisionten on - last edited - Viewed by 21.8K users
Hey guys. I know us gamers sometimes end up with extra Steam keys (Frozen Synapse comes as a set, for example) or gift copies of games we already own. This thread is a place to offer these copies up to whomever wants them, and pass on the gift of video game giving.

This is a thread out of goodwill, so no trading or selling.

Personally, I have an extra Steam key for each of the following:

Frozen Synapse

if you HAVE NOT gotten a free Steam key from me before (unless you were my Santa recipient or I sent you a birthday gift), and you'd like one of these games, shoot me a PM.

First come first served.

Happy gifting!

GIFTS LIST, curent gift offers:

divisionten offers:

Darth Marsden offers:
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

JedExodus offers:

Michael Parks offers:
Cthulhu Saves the World
Breath of Death VII

SHODANFreeman offers:
Puzzle Agent (via TT's website)
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