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Family Guy and BttF

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Tonights episode of Family Guy is going to be another time travel episode and is titled "Back to the Pilot", wherein Brian and Stewie travel back to the pilot episode of the series.

This got me wondering if FG would ever do a full fledged BttF parody episode similar to what they did with Star Wars. So I did a little Googling and found a 09 interview with Seth McFarlane in which he said he would love to do parody episodes of Indiana Jones, Star Trek and yes, Back to the Future. He did cite some potential licencing problems and said that Lucas Films was VERY easy to work with, which is not the norm, and that it would likely be much tougher for the franchises he mentioned. We can always hope that Bob Gale, Bob Zemeckis and Universal would be as willing as Lucas was for a parody.

That said, the point of this thread is to ask, who would you cast from the Family Guy universe to play BttF characters?

Here is my list.....

Marty McFly - Stewie Griffin
Doc Brown - Brian Griffin
Loraine McFly - Lois Griffin
George McFly - Peter Griffin
Biff Tannen - Chris Griffin
Jennifer Parker - Meg Griffin
Principle Strickland - Herbert the Pervert
Mayor Goldie Wilson - Adam West
Einstein - Joe Swanson
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