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Telltale damages the JP jeep they borrowed

posted by WARP10CK on - last edited - Viewed by 6.2K users
According to the neogaf/something aweful´s forums Telltale apperantly has borrowed the JP jeep, and the man that let Telltale borrow it are not to happy about it´s condition right now.

The link under sends you to neogaf forums with pictures before and after.
I respect you as game designers telltale but I am not lending you my car.
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  • TellTaleScrewsPeople;557223 said:
    Sorry for creating it in the first place
  • TellTaleScrewsPeople;557223 said:
    several tens of thousands? How many is that?

    Where is the IGN story? The kotaku? Where is all the information you are talking about?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    No personal insults in here. I mean it.
  • TellTaleScrewsPeople;557218 said:
    TellTale should do what is right and stop being scumbags.

    The way you speak to everyone and the way you are completely nonchalant about the entire things makes me think you work for them.
    The way you speak makes me guess you enjoyed minor education.
  • TP3D;557226 said:
    Hammond is actually Alan Grant's father.
    Nooooooooooooooooooooo! :D
  • TellTaleScrewsPeople;557223 said:

    Mods you are going to banhammer him for that right? That's a disgusting thing to say.
  • Seriously, guys. NO PERSONAL INSULTS. I know you can all discuss this rationally.

    Thank you.
  • TellTaleScrewsPeople;557223 said:
    Dude do you know what you said? you're willing, no wishing to sentence someone to an agonising death over their opinion that you're a dick? You've got the mind and mouth of a 12 year old. Either that or you should really get psychiatric help.Think before you replay to someone.

    Seriously, grow the fuck up and get your point across intellectuality or stay out of the fucking gene pool.

    If you've got a valid point to make and ABSOLUTE proof that that Jeep is indeed the same Jeep telltale used, AND have an intelligent way of putting forward your opinion then state your case without the use of schoolyard tactics.
  • Yeah ... keep sending me PM's TP3D ... it makes you a real tough guy ... watch out everyone we have a bad ass over here ... he hides behind a keyboard and talks a big game ... wooooooo shake in those boots!
  • Guys, this is my last warning. I want BOTH SIDES of this argument to stay civil. No name calling. You CAN have and express an opinion without resorting to personal attacks.
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