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Hector 2 and iOS.

posted by Saber on - last edited - Viewed by 556 users
So earlier today I asked a question regarding iOS to play Hector 2. Apparently, version 4.2 above is needed. I'm running 4.0.1 (I'm pretty much computer illiterate so I don't really pay attention to this thing if it's not necessary, hence the lack of updates).

I tried to install the 5.0.1, but experiencing some troubles, and after further Googling, I found out that tons of people were having a 'downgrade' iPhone performance after the updates; it was kinda off-putting.

Obviously, there's no legit way to upgrade to 4.3.5, so it seems like I won't be playing Hector anytime soon.

Ah, I am so mad! And there's Hector 3 too. Damn.

Anyway, this is just a Hector rant. I hope I post this on the right section this time, if not then I'm sorry and feel free to remove it.

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