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Jurassic Park The Game: Review thread - post your impressions here!

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 43.6K users
The release date for the game is finally here and I'm sure everyone will be dieing to voice their opinions on the game as well as post reviews from other websites. Instead of having thousands of post with different reviews, I figured it would be easier to have one thread dedicated to Jurassic Park reviews.

I haven't been able to play it yet but I will be posting seperate reviews for each episode here as I finish them.

So if anyone wants to share their opinon after finally getting to play the game, or want to share links to reviews of the game from other website here's a great thread to do it.

And, of course, try to use those Spoiler tabs when needed!!!
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  • Sound error during the Tour Car part. Jeeeesus.
  • thcoolnam;558651 said:
    hey kwool how long did it take to beat episode 1
    Probably around two hours. That's just an estimate, though.
  • i tried it out its awesome on highest settings! everything's perfect :)
    Xbox : good

    PC: Awesome!
  • Might want to put a spoiler tag on your post. Fair assessment of the game though.
  • Okay, I am currently playing the game! Faceslasher I'll let you know if I have any problems! Wishhhh me luckk!
  • So how many times have you folks died?

    I'm at 7, :P
  • I'm at the dock, only thing wrong is the volume of their voices changes '*Normals Voice* No she doesn't *High voice* KNOW* Normal* your name* And the rain seems to be more of a flicker, but everything is great! I love it! Even though in the prologue I ran int oa tree. ^-^ Whoops.
  • sniperwar10;558733 said:
    none :) (perfect)
    Aww, you're missing out on all the awesome deaths!
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