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Jurassic Park The Game: Review thread - post your impressions here!

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 43.5K users
The release date for the game is finally here and I'm sure everyone will be dieing to voice their opinions on the game as well as post reviews from other websites. Instead of having thousands of post with different reviews, I figured it would be easier to have one thread dedicated to Jurassic Park reviews.

I haven't been able to play it yet but I will be posting seperate reviews for each episode here as I finish them.

So if anyone wants to share their opinon after finally getting to play the game, or want to share links to reviews of the game from other website here's a great thread to do it.

And, of course, try to use those Spoiler tabs when needed!!!
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  • Vainamoinen;559158 said:
    Hey guys, I just made a sticky review thread and moved all the individual posts in. The only problem is that there is a lot of download & bug discussion going on in these threads and that really doesn't belong.

    I'd be all for a bug thread though. ;)
    I was wondering when a Mod was going to splice all these together. lol Thanks. And a bug thread is a very good idea. I have a few I'd like to share.
  • I have found a few times in action scenes where I get an X as if I didn't press a button or pressed the wrong button even though a button was never displayed on the screen.

    I also had a bug during the begining of the game when I am supposed to click and drag the icons in the direction of the arrow, when I got to this point, my cursor vanished so I could not drag the icon (after a reload my cursor came back and I got passed this section)
  • I have just noticed that if I choose to quit while playing episode 2 , after the game closes the the smaller Jurassic Park launcher window doesnt pop up, because of this I am unable to relaunch the game as the Jurassic Park process is still running, I have to open task manager an manually end the Jurassic Park process before I can relaunch the game.

    I have checked and this doesn't happen if I choose to quit while playing episode 1, I am currently only up to episode 2 so I am unsure if this occurs in any other episodes.

    Can anyone confirm this as a bug?
  • Just played Episode 1. My points are:

    + Great atmosphere just like in a JP movie
    + Dinos look right and move right
    + good story
    + interesting characters (while i don't understand why the changed Hardings likeness known from the movie)
    + great soundtrack and sounds

    - Graphics are nice but could be MUCH better nowadays.
    - just too easy for my taste. The riddles could have been more difficult.
    - Episode is a little short

    So overall i am pleased with the game but it would totally rock if the graphics would be more up to date. This way it allways has that b-title feel to it.
  • This time around I decided to get the game for the iPad, having bought MI and the other TTs games on the Mac, and I must say it works quite well.

    The interactive movie type elements of the game suits quite well with the touch interface.

    I thought it was great that they added proper support for AirPlay (lets you play it on your TV if you have an Apple TV), although why they don't transfer the "action prompts" and give you an option to set the iPad screen to black beats me. Sort of missed opportunity there I'd say.

    Nice story, but can't say it's a superb game, a bit to linear for that. Still, being a Jurassic Park fan I quite enjoyed.

    Oh, and do remember to either restart your iPad or shut down most of your running apps for the smoothest experience.

    So, as an iPad game I'd give it a 4/5, but a 3 as a normal game.
  • Does anyone know how to do the puzzle in episode two where you need to manipulate the dinosaurs by using their own calls? I must be doing something wrong.
  • I´ve played Episode 1 and 2. I´m not too impressed by the controls. Sometimes they are really annoying. I would like to explore things. But in the action parts the quicktime controls give me the feeling of a director controlling his camera angels to follow the character. The story until now is really thrilling. I found the refrences to the first movie entertaining. The dinosaurs look amazing for an telltale game but the human characters have sometimes bugs in their faces. For instance their mouth doesn´t open sometimes, but overall the first two episodes are a great addition to the JP films. What i didn´t understand was, why they delayed the game. It´s still buggy.
  • TheHandyking;559313 said:
    What i didn´t understand was, why they delayed the game. It´s still buggy.
    Reworking the game, adding some elements & trying to give it a bit more polish I guess. I can't confirm on the bugs as I've yet to download it :P Plus lots of games tend to have bugs on release
  • is there anyone else here that cant get past ep 1, sc 4? the jungle hack.. no matter how i do it after the bird flies out the bush she looks to the road and says this way and then it just goes back to the start screen and i have to start the jungle hack all over again :( :eek:
  • Finished the first episode. Loved it! Yes there were some bugs but for me the game was still great. I loved the graphics, especially the dinosaurs. The characters are interesting. A+ all the way and I cannot wait to start episode 2.
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