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midnight release Tonight...?????

posted by SWGNATE on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users
my math could be wrong but i believe that theres a 4 hour time difference between where i live (NY) and Telltale offices (L.A) so if it says 6 hours for me here on steam....doesnt that equate to a midnight release in L.A???

IM SORRY it would appear it is 12:03 atm and they should release at 5 pm there...thats 9:00 for me....
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  • There's a 3 hour time difference between LA and NYC and Steam knows nothing about Telltale's release schedule... so... rest? reread Jurassic Park? watch TV?
  • No.

    Please don't keep creating threads about this. I know you're excited for the game and the wait is rough, but the game will be unlocked as soon as possible today.

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